Monday, May 14, 2007

Weekend Fun - Friday!

What a super fun weekend - The Grannie Nannie went to the lake for a relaxing weekend - so to get Annie distracted from how much she would miss her - we went for a "trip" to the playground - thank goodness it's only down the street - it keeps us entertained A LOT!!!
Annie was all over the place she wanted to play on EVERY piece of equipment on that playground - She usually LOVES the "baby" swing but she decided "I too big" and she wanted to try the big girl swing...I was waiting for her to fall but I told her she had to hang on because it was wobbly - She did a GREAT job and held on tight and had lots of fun - (she did take a tumble when it was time to get off- but no tears and we brushed her off quickly) - then it was on to more fun!!!

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Anonymous said...

You are getting too big! I can't believe how much you have grown. I love your outfit and your haircut. Let's go to the park next time I come to see you. I love you, Aunt Lele