Tuesday, April 29, 2008

Sleepover FUN!

As most of you know - we are crazy at the Bailey Pad - so we decided to have a Monday Night sleepover with our bestest friend Abby! And wow - did I learn a lot!
I now know why Leslie's house is always a little messy! those girls were all over the place! As type A anal as I am I just couldn't keep up! I laughed ALL night - well until ONE AM - when they FINALLY went to sleep! I see BIG naps in their future!

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Monday, April 28, 2008

She's getting SOOO big!

Last week Annie did two new things -

1. She has started climbing into the car and getting in her seat ALL by herself!
this may not be oooh la la to some of you but considering I am getting back aches from lifting her and she has low vision - this is a HUGE milestone!

2. I was getting ready the other morning and annie asked to watch Dora - I said sure I will turn it on in a sec - I went to do so and she said
"dats alright - I did it"
WOW - she had turned the TV on and pressed the PLAY button!!!!

Like she says " I getting bigger eberyday!"
is she ever! Now if we can just get her sleeping in her own bed!

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Thursday, April 24, 2008

Thursday Thirteen

Thirteen Things I Miss About My Daddy!

Charles Edward Davis

1. His Faith - he had this special ability to always do the right thing - even when the rest of the world didn't - he was the true form of prosperity - He ALWAYS gave to people - The stories of all he has done are still pouring in - He did it without anyone's knowledge because he was also humble! Mom and I live for the "Did you know Charlie gave me _____?" stories!

2. His Friends - He was a revolving door (which is where I get it from) - He thrived on his friends - he was always available and thoughtful. He had a bounty of friends.

3. Knowledge - If you could imagine it Daddy had done it or researched it - People would make appointments or drop by to ask his opinion on their next move, business, or major! He has been the decision behind multitudes of life changing ventures.

4. His Temperament - He was a glass half full man - He always saw the best in a bad situation - he was even keeled to a fault. I can't remember hearing him ever raise his voice to anyone (even when I did some stupid things)

5. His generosity - There wasn't anything that man wouldn't do for a friend in need!

6. His sense of humor - He was quite possibly on of the funniest people I have ever met - Naturally, that's where I get it! The world was his stage!

7. His sense of style - He traveled gangster style - he had his suits custom made for him - The man owned THREE tuxes - he wore a jacket everyday to work - he had hundreds of shoes! His closet looked like a store!

8. Christmas - Holidays were HUGE deals at our house - There were tremendou parties with HUNDREDS of people - it was the IT party of the year. There were senators, congressmen, tv stars, govenors - if you didn't get invited - you called Daddy who always said - "of course you are invited - I sent your invite out last week"
People knew daddy wouldn't say no!

9. His personality - He made friends wherever he went - If we were on a trip - Daddy would meet people and be bestest friends with them - we had people he met on cruises calling or coming to town to see him!

10. He could fix anything - he could work on a dry cleaning machine, a boat engine and everything in between.

11. Hobbies - He was always trying something new and we would have so much fun
One time he decided to train a fighter - so he and some friends got together and "bought" a fighter - they paid for his training, matches, and living expenses

12. Adventures - He LOVED an adventure - I have been on 20 cruises, Norway, I have sailed to the Bahamas on our boat "Charlie's Angels" spent 6 weeks sailing - been to Atlantic City - Mexico - Every Island known to man - That man wanted to see the work and I was his faithful companion - all of my friends wanted to go too - he took Em and I on a cruise every year!

13. My PARENTS - There is something awesome about having two parents - those of you who have lost one understand - We as a family have never recovered because one of the vital pieces is gone - ALL of my great memories in life have the THREE of us in them!

This is always the hardest week of the year at my house - My daddy's birthday is April 18th and he lost his very short battle against pancreatic cancer on April 24th

I say he is sitting with his friends at the black jack tables - laughing and winning every hand! I can only imagine he and the Lord became fast, best friends!

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Wednesday, April 23, 2008

Friday, April 18, 2008

Favorite Foto Friday!


Annie is an Only/Lonely - Poor thing has no siblings - so I am including some pictures of her foster family siblings - These are her foster mother, Isabel's daughter, grand kids, and then there is Sissy Georgia (our black lab)!

I often wonder if she has any siblings - I told my agency that if she did to please contact me because I would LOVE to adopt again - Well, the adoption didn't go as smoothly as it should - So I haven't had ANY contact whatsoever with the agency - I do have lots of contact with her foster mother and family - but they don't speak English (freetranslation.com)! It makes for interesting correspondence ~


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Thursday, April 17, 2008

Thursday Thirteen

Thirteen Pictures I would have blogged if my camera weren't BROKEN!

1. Annie eating her first hamburger at the festival
2. The Coakley Clan, me and clients taking cooking lessons at Charleston Cooks
(I made pasta from scratch and the chef said I was very good)
3. Buffie, Lynn and I having lunch at the St. Paul's Tea Room
4. Annie, Abby, Reese and Carmelita the Cabbage Patch Kid having a tea party
5. Annie enjoying her first Guerin's hotdog (it's the old school pharmacy three doors down from the store)
6. The new super cute clothes that came in
7. Leigh Ann's visit
8. More than the ONE picture Les sent from the festival (it IS my favorite weekend)
9. Mary and Jack Lee with play washer and stove on their heads looking like NASA peeps
10. Sally Clarke walking!
11. All the junk I cleaned out of the closets
12. Annie singing to the 30 best bible songs
13. Annie at her sleepover!

Obviously y'all are missing out so for your sake - hahahaha - I am going to get my camera fixed - it won't power on!
Look at all we've missed out on!

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Friday, April 11, 2008

Favorite Foto Friday and Funny!

Almost TWO years ago - my BEAUTIFUL friend, Christie got married - a fabulously hooplatastic wedding at THE RITZ in Philly! Wowsa! I had this gorgeous bridesmaid's dress that I have kept in my closet thinking maybe one day and really do you want to toss $250 bucks in the trash? And NO MATTER what the bride says (Les) you can't cut that purple taffeta dress off and wear it to a party - or the chocolate chiffon with fish tails - So I was spring cleaning and decided it's time - I took it to the DREAM center closet at church (thinking prom dress) As we were unloading the entire back of my car (I LOVE to get rid of clothes - bye bye diesel jeans I will NEVER fit in again) THIS is what happens!

I said "there's a bridesmaids dress in there"
girl said " don't tell me it's chocolate brown"
I say "sure is"
girl say " I am getting married in October and need just ONE dress"
I say " it's a size ____ "(insert guess here - not really - no comments guessing!)
she say " OMGravy - that's what size she wears"

So out of the closet it goes - into her office! LOVE IT!

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Thursday, April 10, 2008

Thursday Thirteen

So I have been tagged by Margaret for a little MeMe
I am suppose to list 10 -15 things you might not know about me so here's 13!

1. My middle name is Alayne - I am named after my aunt Rochelle
2. Annabelle Louise is named after my 3 grandmothers
Anna Marie
Virginia Belle Welch
Dorothy Louise
3. My dad ran for state house back in the 90s (he lost - sad)
4. My family owned Dry Cleaners for 35 years - Davis Modernize
5. Hence we didn't have a washer or dryer in our house
6. I didn't do a load of laundry until college
7. In college I lived in an apartment complex where I was the ONLY girl
8. I worked at TD's as a BAD waitress
9. My Big Sister (Go ZTA) owns Cupcake - it's a cupcake boutique downtown Charleston
10. My new obsession is Snoop Doggs Fatherhood - Who knew he was semi normal?
11. I DVR As the World Turns and General Hospital - it is sad but I watch tv to unwind
12. i drink 2 Mocha frappucinos a day - YUMMY!
13. I think i should have been/ be on Saturday Night Live! For some reason I think I am funny and could do much better skits than they do!

Would LOVE to hear at least ONE thing I don't know about you on my comments!

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Monday, April 07, 2008


More to follow! SOOO fun of course it's my FAVORITE weekend of da year! My camera is broken so I am waiting and depending on Leigh Ann and Les for photos!

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Wednesday, April 02, 2008