Thursday, April 10, 2008

Thursday Thirteen

So I have been tagged by Margaret for a little MeMe
I am suppose to list 10 -15 things you might not know about me so here's 13!

1. My middle name is Alayne - I am named after my aunt Rochelle
2. Annabelle Louise is named after my 3 grandmothers
Anna Marie
Virginia Belle Welch
Dorothy Louise
3. My dad ran for state house back in the 90s (he lost - sad)
4. My family owned Dry Cleaners for 35 years - Davis Modernize
5. Hence we didn't have a washer or dryer in our house
6. I didn't do a load of laundry until college
7. In college I lived in an apartment complex where I was the ONLY girl
8. I worked at TD's as a BAD waitress
9. My Big Sister (Go ZTA) owns Cupcake - it's a cupcake boutique downtown Charleston
10. My new obsession is Snoop Doggs Fatherhood - Who knew he was semi normal?
11. I DVR As the World Turns and General Hospital - it is sad but I watch tv to unwind
12. i drink 2 Mocha frappucinos a day - YUMMY!
13. I think i should have been/ be on Saturday Night Live! For some reason I think I am funny and could do much better skits than they do!

Would LOVE to hear at least ONE thing I don't know about you on my comments!

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annie said...

I tivo gh too.
shhh... don't tell :)

FabulousLee Fun Twin Tales said...

2 new things about me:
1) I secretly watch the Girls Next Door.
2) Found out I was highly allergic to "elephant ear" plant after Jonathan told me to try some when we were dating -- I ended up having to get a shot! Oh, and this happened the day he brought me to meet his she always thought I was just quiet. Ha!

Lindsay said...

I am glad virginia admitted to it first- I must confess her number 1 also...but I think you knew that..

I didn't know thats how Annie got her name- so sweet! and quite a few on your list made me laugh out loud!

Elsa said...

I am laughing so hard at you being on SNL... The Sparten cheerleaders are my favorite!!

Well you don't even know me at all, except through the bloggin world, so here you go...

1)I can't STAND thong underwear...just never really understood the purpose. I like to be fully covered! lol

Cheri said...

That was great.
Here's what you don't know about me:
I watch GH too- love it. It's my guilty obsession.

jenniedub said...

Okay, let's see...
1-I LUUUV trash tv! The Real Housewives, the Hills, Rock for Luv, the Real World, Bridezillas, Bad Girls, etc!
2-I am NOT a neat person. I don't mind laundry, hate to clean! Hardly ever make the bed!
3-Check my blog after the weekend. It is Masters Week here and whoa crazy night last night!

Melissa said...

girls next door rock! you know plenty abt me ;)

hmmm. my favorite cereal is honey nut cherrios :)

Abby and Reese said...

I knew ALL of those things!!! Yea me. Hmmmm, what could you possibly not know about me? Seriously, I got nothin'. I'll work on that and get back to you.

Mari said...

I love your list! I can't imagine not having to do laundry!
I was once caught by the police while trying to toilet paper our youth leaders house!

Megan said...

Dena, great list. I have been having thursday 13 writer's block so I might take your idea. Love how you combined Annie's name. Genius! And can understand the sbux runs!
Something you don't know about me...I was a drummer in high school. And not the little drum. The big quads! They weighed 1/3 of my own weight! I blame my back problems on that!

Laurenwoods17 said...

Thanks for the post! Your blog is precious...I can't wait to read more. :)

Steve & Amy said...

How sweet to name AnnaBelle Louise after such special women!
I am a reality TV addict....survivor, project runway, the hills etc.

Jeffcoat House said...

Awesome list- I actually knew most of those already. I'm not writing mine here, you'll have to get that from me later. ;)

Kim said...

I have 7 tattoos

Thanks for the well wishes honey, I am still at home pretty sick still.....not fun. YOu should see how greasey my hair is, it hurts to touch it, that's part of the Neuralgia

Terri said...

Love your list - I've never had a speeding ticket in my life and have a perfect driving record!

Jamie said...

I love the part about Annie's name. Very creative.

Susie said...

I'm been to France 4 times and still am not fluent in French! Hahah!

Mandy said...

i watch GN too. You don't know me either...just blogging world. It is a no-brainer I can watch at night and just be amazed at how different my life is...Mandy