Thursday, February 27, 2014

the little things

I just got this text from my mom

" we were singing I can see clearly now the rain has gone and Annie sang
I can see all popsicles in my way"

soooo that's too cute for words!!

yes, we have had a birthday and I will blog about that with pictures but I didn't want to forget this because it's the little things that are so cute but you lose them in your day.

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Friday, January 03, 2014

our CRAZY, AMAZING, more than BLESSED year in pictures!!

I SWEAR this time I am going to start keeping up with this dang blog! I was reading again somewhere that there's a company that prints your blogs into it cheating if I go back and post on the right dates so it will be in order?

we went to Scottsdale for Mike's meeting
Michael played fall ball

and the boys watched

we went to Mexico because I turned FORTY!

the middle one turned 12

Annabelle became a water baby

after she napped with Charlotte

had a super cute playdate

took more naps with Charlotte

was a princess for Halloween (and every other day)

she's too cute

we ate candy

Grannie had a birthday

I got engaged!!

the big one turned 14

we rented a cute little space

we were thankful

for her

and him

and him

and yes him too!

we opened a store

and it's filled with chevron

I think this sums it all up!!!

it maybe loud and crazy but it's ALL ours and we LOVE it!!

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Wednesday, August 14, 2013

saying "I'm sorry"

I have noticed lately that Annie says "I'm sorry" a lot most of the time
for things she shouldn't be sorry for. If she wants milk in the morning
and then asks for sprite she'll say "sorry mommy for asking you again"
two things come to my mind
1) I pretty sure she wishes she could do these things herself
so it cracks my heart a little bit for her
2) Do I make her feel like she needs to apologize?
I've been super conscience about being upbeat and positive
when she asks for things she needs...

Of course there are things she's going to need help with and I
try to stay as positive as possible (I do get tired)
BUT then there are times she does things like fighting me
to take her medicine ~ not listening and she says
"I'm sorry mommy"
but I don't think that she is because if you were truly sorry
you would stop fighting and adding frustrations to daily routines...

And then I had that "AHA" moment
it was around 4 o'clock in the afternoon and Annie and I were
resting which means I try to take a few minutes of silence
between the 4 loads of laundry, loading the dishwasher, starting dinner, refilling her script, making her take her medicines, playing and keeping up with Annie...
and then "IT" happened she wanted a snack, the dog was sitting on my head,
 Priss was talking NONSTOP and I finally said
"can I just get FIVE minutes of quiet please?"
I have just spent the last 6 hours doing crap I don't even like to do
so can I please please please just have a minute...

UGH - I of course immediately apologized and told her how much I love
her and mommy was just exhausted (i had been sick last night)
that I shouldn't be upset and some days it's just hard to do everything..

Yea - I'm pretty sure I've had THAT conversation with her a few times
in the last weeks...I tell her how sorry I am and I will be damned if 
I don't do it AGAIN... So I'm going to take her's as sincere as mine
and love her little heart and try to smile through it!

Just because you say sorry - it doesn't mean you aren't going to
do it again but it does mean that you realize you've done it
and that folks is sometimes more than enough for the day!!

So Annie - I am sorry - I try to be perfect but there are no perfect people
so I'm gonna forgive you every time you say sorry and hope you can do the same!!

I love you - my favorite person in the world!!!

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Friday, August 09, 2013

please be kind...I am blind

After 3 years of medicine you learn that you HAVE to use bribes
to get the medicine down without world war 9 (her age)!
Wednesday I used the "if you take your medicine without a fight
we'll go to the beach for a little while" well - praise God that worked!!
so off we went to Isle of Palms (just the 2 of us for the first time)
I downsized our bag to towels, sunscreen, water, a float, a get the idea - I'm not going to lie her excitement about the beach and her cooperation was awesome.. she takes a little bit longer to get up the stairs, she's a LOT more excited than everyone else...while we sit on the sand she asks lots of questions like "how far can I go" "who is that sitting next to us" "where are we" "what are we doing" She's not quiet and people look...I HATE having to tell her to "remember there are other people around so we have to be quiet" I wish I knew the balance...when we were leaving the beach, she fell a few times in the sand she really did try hard to get back up - the sand was a lot of work.
There were people all around and I did and still do feel like people are looking
at her with curiosity...What do you do?? I don't want to always say to people
"she's blind" I feel like that labels her and if I speak it she will use it as a crutch
we were at the pool a few weeks ago and she heard a little girl talking
so she "swam" over to play with her but I didn't know if I should tell the mom about Annie's vision because really what 4 - 5 year old understands but she's been talking about Marley for the last three weeks ...I wonder sometimes if I should make a sign to hold up so people "get it" without me having to pigeon hole her - she's getting to the age where she does understand to a certain extent that she is different but obviously can't comprehend the full extent... It breaks my heart for her...we were at a party with friends and one of the kiddos said "nobody wants to watch Annabelle so she needs to come out" (we meant watch out for her so she doesn't run into things but they just hear extra work - less fun)  and then one said at a different function "um what is she doing?? she looks like someone from poltergeist" she was "exercising"... well since she's never seen anyone actually doing it - cut her some slack! I try to put it in perspective ...they are kids! no one wants their child to be different ~ I'm not gonna lie, some days I want to pull my hair out, drink a lot and run away!! I pray about it more than I'd like to admit and again all I can fall back on is God's word...
"From everyone who has been given much, much will be demanded; and from the one who has been entrusted with much, much more will be asked."
                                                                                           Luke 12:48

some days I wonder what He was thinking and how He could have ever thought
of all the people in the world I would be the person to do the best job!?!?
How do you raise your special needs child to function in society
without making them special need"y"? and how do you maintain normalicy
when the gap starts to widen - it's hard not to have some jealousy/lack of patience
toward your friends who constantly whine about their perfectly 
"healthy" normal children while you fight for Annie's health, maintaining her 
weight (feeding tube was suggested), taking her medicine for epilepsy 
and mouth ulcers, bedtime, developmental delays and read posts about darling children who have cancer  (one of whom changed my perspective FOREVER) 
or been in horrific accidents while trying not to look
ungrateful about what you've been blessed with but still feeling a sense of loss for
the things your precious child has missed out on? 

Annie will often say "why am I bwind?"  
I never know any other answer than to tell her the truth
" God made you perfect just the way you are"
what else can you say? 

or as my daddy would have sung from the highest mountain tops

"Then sings my soul, My Saviour God, to Thee,
How great Thou art, How great Thou art.
Then sings my soul, My Saviour God, to Thee,
How great Thou art, How great Thou art!"

and that my friends, you can not argue with....

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Sunday, February 24, 2013

Bouncing Birthday Fun!!!

Annie had been talking about how much
she loves birthday parties with her friends
we used to have huge parties but
haven't had the space for a party until now..

I already had the perfect invitation at home
because really what's better than a
bouncy castle and polka dots??

Thankfully the bounce castle people wanted
to set it up Friday and not pick it up until Sunday!
 That's a whole lotta bouncing!

I don't know why the production is so much fun
for me - I think I am a party addict and have
been in some serious withdrawls...

Did I mention the bouncy castle happened
to be a birthday cake??

I totally wanted to keep it forever!!

Nothing like a little preparty fun..

look at that sweet happy face..
I don't think we'll ever miss a party again

safe and sound inside
mommy tried to help her in and we BOTH
bounced right off and onto the ground
thank goodness I padded her fall.


Charlotte needed to check it out
just to make sure it was safe for sissy

please please please can I get in too??

boing - boing - boing
there's nothing to say about this


cotton candy in the bounce castle...
of course - it's a party!

if only I had a dollar for everytime I heard
"take my picture" those are some camera hams
awww...Annie and Christian
his mom, Susan and I are convinced
they're gonna get married
they are just. too. precious

what goes better with a jump castle than
cotton candy and popcorn??

Cole wins quote of the day...
he walked in - looked at the table and said
"it's just like the fair but FREE"
seriously he asked for another picture
and who am I to say no to a cute face??

Nana and Grannie
(I think they were already full of junk)

4 dozen mini cupcakes delivered to the front door

by Cupcake Aunt KK's shop!

the girls together again...
I have missed their faces!

the birthday girl...

the best way to eat a cupcake - frosting first!
Annie and Olivia decided they needed a rest
lol - that didn't last very long!

 All bounced out and ready for presents


seriously, cabbage patch fairy doll from Christian
he picked it out all by himself
(well of course his mom drove him)

Abby - my gorgeous little comedian
me and the birthday girl

My 9 year old priss pot
I can't even begin to tell you how much I love you
you are my favorite person in the world!!
the party was wonderful - all the giggles and chatting
the bouncing smiley faces - eating cotton candy
it's my favorite sound in the world
Annie was so excited to have all of her priends there
it was a day filled with our favorite people evah!
our cup runneth over - we are blessed beyond measure!
Happy 9th Birthday Annabelle Louise!!
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