Thursday, May 31, 2007

Thursday Thirteen

Thirteen Things I learned from a Cat Bite!
1. They Hurt ~ BAD!
2. Cat Fangs look much like I would imagine a vampire bite would!
3. There is such a thing as Cat Scratch Fever (it's not just a song)
4. 80% of cat bites get infected
(YES - I am waiting for infection to set in because I could NEVER defy those odds)
5. You MUST have a tetnus shot!
6. IF they don't have their rabies shots you must collect said cat and have them quarantined and pray for the best
7. Because a RABIES shot consist of NINE shots to the BELLY!
8. This particular cat we call Hobo (her real name is Samantha - aptly named after the witch on bewitched) PRAISE GOD did have her rabies shot!
9. My Tetanus shot was NOT up to date!
10. If there is a potential that you have a disease you IMMEDIATELY develop ALL symptoms
11. Your SAID friends laugh at you and call you a ninny!
12. Tetnas shots aren't as bad as I thought (after two days of whining, crying and feeling sick at the thought!)

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Wednesday, May 30, 2007

Tuesday, May 29, 2007

Memorial Day Weekend!

Alright - I definitely feel as though we packed A LOT into this holiday weekend ~ I went to the lake to join the family on Sunday morning after a pool buying trip to Target! I also got Annie a new water table so she could have lots of Splish Splash fun! So we spent the day watching the pool fill up with water playing with the table and feeding the Geese that come because my mom feeds them! They have had chicks and they are super cute! They do hiss at us even though we are providing them with lunch but it makes me laugh ~ Annie chases the BIG one and says "You Mean"

After waiting patiently - we couldn't stand it any longer - It was time to get our suits on and play in the pool! (it's going to take a while to warm up so we figured we could stand it while it was VERY shallow) - So then we got out Annie's pool so she and Elmo could play and splash! It was fun and I can see it's time for swimming lessons!!!! We had some dinner and went to relaxing when the phone rang...It was Shaun (my cousin) FUN - He and Angela and their friends were coming to join us for the night and day!!! We love lots of people at the "yake"

So Monday was fun too - the pool was too cold to get into so we had to go out on the boat ~ (sooo sad) We were about to get on the boat and YEAH - Aunt LeLe called she was on her way too!!!

That's the BEST! She is always lots of fun and she said she was coming with GIFTS!!! She loves to buy things for Annie and Annie loves her to, so it works out and she always picks the neatest stuff ~ She got Annie a doll that has Annabelle on the hat and looks like Annie and a lake towel with ponies (Annie's favorite) and her name! We love Aunt LeLe!!! It was sad that the day had to end but work calls and we were packing up to leave when Hobo (the cat my mom feeds) ATTACKED my leg! Now I must admit ..... If you have never been in a literal cat fight I don't suggest it - And I got BIT TWICE- It's like little vampire fangs and it HURTS! So after I am done with this (because blogging IS foremost) I am going to call my doctor to see if I need a tetnis shot or if I need to deliver the cat to the nearest vet for rabies testing! BLASTEST!

One final note - I would like to say I didn't forget the reason I got to take a day to enjoy my family ~ So I would like to say THANK YOU to our troops and the families of our troops - What you do does not go without notice and prayers!
And a special prayer to all of the families of the fallen troops...
Happy Memorial Day!

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Saturday, May 26, 2007

I wouldn't have believed me either...

So I am on the way to my new FAVORITE place Our Daily Bread, to pick up a homecooked dinner for Les and I and there I sit at the red light - I look over and think "NO ONE WILL BELIEVE ME!!" Thank goodness I always have my camera!!!!

And just in case you think there is something wrong with your eyes or your computer

YES - that is a car covered in CHERRIES!!

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Friday, May 25, 2007

Bethie Poo

I can't believe Baby Boy Sharp #2 is almost here! Wow ~ where has the time gone???
I went to a little shower for her last night ~ It was a Blue Bash! I, of course, don't own anything blue so I went in the standard black and white! She was craving Mexican so it was a fiesta! She looks soo cute ~ I just can't wait to meet the newest member of "The Dena Davis Social Club" (he's an automatic legacy) ~
That's what we were called in High School (don't ask me why - one of "The Fellas" made it up)!!!! She got some good loot - I think she was most excited about the nursing pads! hahahahahah

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I just wanted to give a shout out to my sweet friends Virginia and CJ on the PASSING of their real estate test - They still have the big one but they did a GREAT job and I am sooo proud of them!
Virginia made the HIGHEST grade her teacher had ever seen!!! 97 ~ You go girl!!!
Watch out houses ~ Here come two of the best!!!

I would also like to give a BIG BLOGGIE welcome to my friend Lindsay ~ She started her bloggie yesterday and is already addicted!!! Go say Hello!!!

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Thursday, May 24, 2007


Thirteen Things that make me SMILE!!!
  1. A GOOD cold frappucino first thing in the morning!
  2. God proving me wrong!
  3. Playgroup (that's AT least one thirteen thursday in itself)
  4. Annabelle
  5. The perfect song at the perfect moment
  6. Opening the Bible or a Joyce book at "the" page I need
  7. My store on a busy day (and pretty much any other day)
  8. Knowing the answer when a friend calls on me
  9. People who do the right thing
  10. A great episode of one of my 20 favorite shows
  11. FOOD
  12. My new MP3 player cause it do make a BIG difference
  13. My house ~ I can't help it I just LOVE it!

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I don't know why!

I don't know why I feel the need to put every picture that I think is cute on this blog....

I don't know why my ALL of my friends don't BLOG!!!!

and I really don't know why Mottie Mel thought it was a good idea to take THIS picture home!


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Wednesday, May 23, 2007

You say it's.....MY birthday?

WOW!!! 33 years come and gone....As a child 34 seemed SOOOO old ~ Praise God 50 is the new 30 so I just hit my teens!!! It was a fun filled day! Mom and I did a little shopping and had some Wild Wings for lunch - Don't tell Lindsay but I had spinach dip ~ it's the BEST!!! Leslie and I went to Logan's for dinner too ~ no one should cook or eat at home on their birthday! We had to leave a little early cause Annie wasn't feeling great - but there was a SURPRISE in my fridge when I got home - The Lees had dropped off a piece of chocolate cake from Eclectic Chef (ok - it was almost HALF the cake)
Birthdays are the best ~ people call to tell you how much they love you and they give you fun gifts!!!

I FINALLY (welcome to the 2000s) got an MP3 player!!!!
Leslie got me an electric toothbrush (I complain a LOT about the cleanliness of my teeth) She also got me a cool camera case - and a very cute picture of the girls which went immediately into a frame!
Sugar brought my favorite treat of sugar free chocolate and made me sugar free frapp
b/c Linds says I have to give up the best part of my day!
English gave me some sunscreen chapstick (Leslie says put it on my nose)

There were cards and well wishes from everyone!!!

I can't believe another year has gone by!!!

And of course there was my BEST present ever - My sweet Annie!!!

Don't I have THE cutest friends???

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Monday, May 21, 2007


What a FUN party ~ The farm is a great place to have a shindig!! The kids can run and play and there is sooo much to see and do they NEVER get bored! After 3 HOURS Annie still didn't want to leave!!!! All of our friends were there so of course the company was good...there were hot dogs, hamburgers, chips, drinks, and OF COURSE CAKE!!!!


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After Church it was the usual ~ LUNCH!!! Grannie, GranDennis, Kane, Abby, Annie and I all met at Logan's (they have the best salad and it's sooo kid friendly!) Leslie and the Reeser went home so Reese could nap for the BIG PARTY!!!! And we were sooo lucky the Lees were there so it was a FUN lunch with LOTS of people!

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What a BEAUTIFUL day!!! Kane and Les were kind enough to invite me out on the boat! Wow - NOW I am soooo excited about summer! Les and I just showed up - Kane did everything else! He even entertained Abby and let her "drive" so we could get some sun and chat!!! Our original plan was to go for a ride and be home in plenty of time to get showered and ready for MOM'S NIGHT OUT - but as you will see - We got home in time to change and be 15 minutes LATE!!! I got a little more sun than I thought but it's already blended in (except on the nose!)

Mom's night out was super fun - There were TEN of us!!! Our flock is growing! We went to dinner and 1/2 of us went to Target and then met up with the others at O'Lacey's ~ Where our sweet friend John tended to our every need and even let us look at the karoake books ~ NO ONE sang!!!!
It was a wonderful time ~ It's nice to get out with your "priends"!!!

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Friday, May 18, 2007

Cute Pictures

These are from playgroup - I was sooo excited about my new camera plus the kids are too too cute so I snapped QUITE a few - (NO I promise - a photography career is not on my to do list but you will be seeing LOTS of pictures!) The picts are soooo clear compared to the old camera so here are our superstars!

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Thursday, May 17, 2007

Thursday Thirteen

Thirteen Reasons I Love Being "MOMMY!"

1. Look at that face!
2. EVERYTHING is cuter in pink!
3. I never get tired of hearing "want to hold me mommy?"
4. I always have someone to go to dinner with
5. Watching Annie discover things for the first time
6. "I wove YOU so much"
7. She is a constant reminder of how much God has blessed me
8. EVERYTHING is more fun when she comes with me!
9. Her voice and that laugh
10. PLAYGROUP - watching her interact with her friends and having friends that know exactly what I am going through!
11. Of course the clothes and the bows
12. Having a good reason to play and enjoying it!
13. Knowing God has entrusted me to raise one of His children!

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Wednesday, May 16, 2007

Tuesday, May 15, 2007

Look what Mommy can do!!!!

So I FINALLY got a new camera (Happy Mother's Day) I am sooo excited and it takes VIDEOS so watch out! You are gonna be soooooo sick of Annie!!!

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