Friday, January 03, 2014

our CRAZY, AMAZING, more than BLESSED year in pictures!!

I SWEAR this time I am going to start keeping up with this dang blog! I was reading again somewhere that there's a company that prints your blogs into it cheating if I go back and post on the right dates so it will be in order?

we went to Scottsdale for Mike's meeting
Michael played fall ball

and the boys watched

we went to Mexico because I turned FORTY!

the middle one turned 12

Annabelle became a water baby

after she napped with Charlotte

had a super cute playdate

took more naps with Charlotte

was a princess for Halloween (and every other day)

she's too cute

we ate candy

Grannie had a birthday

I got engaged!!

the big one turned 14

we rented a cute little space

we were thankful

for her

and him

and him

and yes him too!

we opened a store

and it's filled with chevron

I think this sums it all up!!!

it maybe loud and crazy but it's ALL ours and we LOVE it!!

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