Thursday, May 31, 2012

and STILL counting...

when I said all week I MEANT IT!!!

Lunch with my niece at Runaway Bay - It's a super cute house on waterfront park with awesome atmosphere and jamaican food - I had jerk chicken - YUMMO

Then onto Breakin in the Hood - we had a few friends over to help "break in the house" to make sure it's party ready!! It was SOOOO FUN!

the girls hanging in the kitchen? Nah we just went in there because the light was better! caYute!

and it wasn't just joshie was there too - i don't think i've ever seen him laugh so much!

ahhhhh....LOVE HIM!

Stephanie - LOL - poor thing she was telling Joshie at 1:30 they HAD to go as he was getting one more beer!

Tika's first party with the gang - she kept everyone in stitches...she's a party must!

Oh - my girl! I hate that she lives so far from me...we will be TROUBLE when she moves back!!!

OMG - they are sooo stinking cute - we love him already but he's been keeping her
around town more so that's a bonus!!!

I can't even say how much fun i had this week but i can say - watch out because we'll be having the 40 day countdown to the BIG 40 possibly in a city near you!!

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Tuesday, May 29, 2012

Birthday week ~ 39 and counting....

(start at the bottom)

Let them eat cake - I mean me! cake during birthday week is acceptable for any and or every meal and believe me I took full advantage of that rule during birthday week which is why now begins detox month!

OH MY GAW - most of you will remember this pastel i had done of America Ferrera er i mean Annabelle YEARS AGO - well it has been sitting at the yake for safety and i have wanted to get it framed forever soooo for my birthday mom got it framed for me!

the celebration continued the next day with Grannie and gifts!

then we walked down the street and ended up here for after dinner drinks!!

Birthday Dinner ~ quite possibly THE BEST meal we've had! HOLY YUM!!! It was FABULOUS! I started with the wedge salad (gorgonzola cheese - bacon - some awesome salad dressing) i ate EVERY bite followed by buttermilk fried boneless chicken breast with pimento cheese macaroni and cheese and green beans with bacon.
YUM YUM YUM YUM - Mike and I are still talking about how delicious it was!

with a quick pit stop here ~ not only are they the BEST cupcakes of all times - my big sis owns it - i was hoping for a carrot cake cupcake but had to "settle" on red velvet (the next best thing) and oreo cupcake for later!

Mike took the day of so we could have BIG BIRTHDAY FUN! He said we could do ANYTHING i wanted so I made a list....#1 on the list??? THE BEACH! it was a gorgeous day for the beach...the sun was shining - the wind was blowing - we had a perfect spot!! We hung out, drank a few beers, read trashy magazines, and LAUGHED!! I could have stayed there all night but ran out of beer so then we continued on the perfect birthday evah.....

Tea party time! Annie had been wanting to have a tea party so grannie went out and got a proper tea pot with cups and cookies ~ so cute and then Mary Cole HAD to join in....PRECIOUSNESS!!!

LOOK at that FACE! she's so so so so cayute!!!

CAKE - I decided to start the birthday cakeabration with my FAVE!!

how cayute are these girls?? granDennis turned on the slot machine and WOW - those girls LOVED that game! it's amazing that an almost 2 year old and visually impaired 8 year old can figure how to team up and work that machine!!!

Yes, i know most people don't celebrate their birthday for a week but I do! ONE day just isn't enough of a party for me!! So it started with a weekend at the lake with my girls...we got to pick up my littlest priss pot and swoop her off to the lake!

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Wednesday, May 23, 2012

Mother's Day Weekend

What a wonderful way to kick off Mother's Day weekend ~ showering my big sis becoming a mommy!! seriously look at her...I can't even squeeze into her precious dress and i'm not preggo! She literally looks like she swallowed a basketball - it is the best baby belly of all times! I am so looking forward to the arrival of
Baby Cobb! the shower was gorgeous!

I swear Annie has the BEST teachers ever - look at my Mother's Day gift!!! It's a stone for your garden - there's no way it's going's on the tv stand - LOVE IT! homemade gifts are the GREATEST!

Mother's Day lunch - Mike took Mom, Annie and I out for lunch at DIG in the Park - one of the cute restaurants we frequent...Annie LOVES sitting outside and for some reason thinks they make the best quesadillas! it was such a beautiful day to sit outside with grannie and priss and mike!!

Yes - i know i am a LITTLE behind ;)

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Friday, May 04, 2012

Date Day!

Annie started walking around with her doll babies and puppies saying she was going on "date" and she'd be back...sweet thing - mike and i try to be good about date nights and we'd have to explain to her why she couldn't go sooooo I've started doing "dates" with Annie - with school and working from home and all the other stuff I have been pretty lax about making sure Annie and I still do fun stuff...I feel like we used to live at the children's museum and playground...
It was Annie's choice and she wanted to go to the grocery store place so early out Wednesday and away we went!

My Artist...she's a natural!

Clearly she gets it from her mother...hahahaha

Now that's a whole lotta fun - maybe she'll get into golf - i can send her to be Mike's caddy!

that's my kinda paint - water - no stains

how far will that golf ball fly??

arts and crafts

now THAT is a caYute face!!

water water water...boat races!

pure joy and happiness....$7 and a 20 minute car ride


loading the buggy full!

sweet worth the 3 hours in the museum!

ended our date at DIG in the Park...I had the cutest date there!

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