Tuesday, July 24, 2012

Frick and Frack

My oh my....do you notice a pattern here???

it seems as those these priss pots are complete and total ladies of leisure!!
whenever one lays down for a rest the other quickly follows!!

**these pictures were not taken on the same day**

LOL - they sure are cute!!!

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Tuesday, July 17, 2012

Family Lake Week - 4th of July

Yeah we're on our way for family week at the lake!! it's a week of lounging, boating, eating, napping, golf carting and why yes - drinking!! We had so much fun that this is the only picture we got of us!

and they lounged....

and continued lounging...well between her adventures outside (mom taught her how to get back into the house so if the door opened she was GONE) and eating anything she could get her mouth on!! hahaha she was on vacation too!!

i went to the back to see what the sleepy heads were doing and had to run to get the camera hoping they wouldn't move...somehow annie had managed to wriggle her way around and was using mike as a pillow....hahaha - they were both OUT!

and my sweet little priss pot was there!! she is seriously too cute for words!!

and they had so much fun playing in the sprinkler together..

gawd what a gorgeous face!!

lol - even in her minnie mouse suit!

Sprinkler fun!!

toothless grin ;)

she partied like a rock star....

there was too much going on to take pictures - mike and i took the bigger kids on the boat and flipped them off the tubes...had "some" beers - laughed our asses off with everyone - we had a contest to see who could stay up the latest...YEP i won! but then really did i? hahahaha and we ate and ate...mom and i did some shopping (i got pink cowboy boots) it was a much needed vacation!


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Tuesday, July 10, 2012

Lady Dy turns 32 AGAIN....

Y'all thought i was kidding when i said i wanted a birthday week...well dyana turned 32 (for the 8th time) so we had dyanapalooza!!! it started with a surprise party so fun!!

we were suppose to have funny faces hence the snarl...

she is such a beautiful birfday girl!!!

it was "fiesta" themed so the food was dorito shell tacos from taco bell...
hysterical! i've been to lots of parties but that's the best buffet ever!!

margarita cake...it had sparklers on them to keep the fire hazard at bay!

i went to the store to get skinnygirl since her metabolism is going to sloooow down but saw this and thought...kinky and pink??? perfect!!

since the girls had told her everyone was going out for her birthday the following week as a ruse we figured - you're only 40 once (the first time) so out we went!

we don't go out much but i must say - we painted the town pink! i kinda wish we'd had a camera following us :)

OMLAWRD - we went to a drag show! hahahaha - who knew??

she shook what her mama gave her and of course i had to get a pic!

the birfday girl...probably my most fun friend!!! she crazy and i love her!!
happy birfday sprucie!!

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