Thursday, February 27, 2014

the little things

I just got this text from my mom

" we were singing I can see clearly now the rain has gone and Annie sang
I can see all popsicles in my way"

soooo that's too cute for words!!

yes, we have had a birthday and I will blog about that with pictures but I didn't want to forget this because it's the little things that are so cute but you lose them in your day.

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Sunday, February 16, 2014

Double Digit Birthday!!

HOW is she TEN?!?!?!

this girl

who brings such joy 

and lights up our life

 I should have just bought a bounce castle
she LOVES bouncing and it's good exercise 
for my out of shapeness!
Braxton - she has loved him since she
could walk...he is so good with her!

 queens of selfies! say cheese!

 this lady was born to be a grannie!
I should have known she would be just like nannie!
God knew what he was doing because without
grannie I would be useless..
 and these two ~ 2 peas in a pod
laurel and hardy
frick and frack

my second baby...she has always stolen my heart

and that cutie - Reeser!
it's not a party without the Wright girls!!

the moment everyone sings 
"happy birthday to you"
and you realize how much your baby is loved!
 let's not forget what it's all really about

the LOOT!!
she's such a superstar!

Nonnie's girl...

 we made it through the party....

Happy Birthday to the World's Cutest Priss Pot!
You bring joy to everyone who meets you!
you have such a loving heart
and I am blessed to be your mom!