Saturday, January 28, 2012

the obsession continues

I am not quite sure where this obsession has come from but this child LOVE LOVE LOVES her some puppies!! She has tiny ones, medium size ones and one life size one..
they ALL have names and i have no idea how she remembers all the names - she can tell you which one is in her hand by touching it (for those of you just joining us - she's visually impaired)
There's cookie, georgia, devon, sparky, snow puppy, goldie, lovie and i have no idea how many more - this is leading to her wanting a REAL dog again - but at this moment we have NO interest in a dog unless it can walk and feed itself - hahahaha

so if you don't hear from me soon - i've been buried alive in a sea of puppies by the hoarder!!!

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Wednesday, January 11, 2012

Annie meets Toby and The Josh!!

I had to go to Nonnie's house to pick something up and of course Annie wanted to go
with me to meet Toby and Alex!! She is SOOO excited!

She's in pet wonderland! Toby AND Alex?!?!? what? too much fun! I had to make sure she kept her fingers away from the cage (alex has been known to bite)

Come back Toby...i want to pway some more - she chased him everywhere and fortunately he loved it!!

All the way home she asked where Toby was and what he was doing...She wants a dog
sooooo badly but mama doesn't want to do all the work so i see many trips to Nonnie's in the future!!!

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Tuesday, January 03, 2012

A change will do you good...

Well, another year is gone and with it went my of my "resolutions" this year was/is going to be taking "better" care of myself - exercise, flat iron, learn how to put make up on and making sure my brows are waxed and highlights did...

MAYBE i should have waited a day or 2 - we were heading to Charlotte to celebrate NYE with Jen and Shane...I didn't want pictures to look bad so off i went
Super Cuts is anything but SUPER
and you get what you pay for - ladies and gents THIS is what $8 eyebrows look like!
(yes I was SURPRISED at how they looked but that's my new expression until these grow out in say....3 MONTHS)

Loving words of encouragement from friends and family
Mike "oh no did i scare you?"
Jen "they don't look that bad - well, at least the right one doesn't"
Shane "it's NYE not a surprise party"
Mom "you look so different - not bad just different - sort of like if i shaved my head"

SO needless to say i am going to reevaluate my resolutions and get back to you plus i never start on the 1st it sets up failure...

Happy New Year!

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