Monday, June 23, 2014

Kindness Beats Blindness ~ does it ever!!

I had been on a "hunt" we'll say to find someone else with
a similar diagnosis as Annabelle since it is so rare. On
my journey I happen to hear about an older girl who had walked
the path we had hoped for Annabelle....She attended the
Florida School of the Blind after losing her vision at 12
to a retinal disease (damn you bad genes). I had the great
pleasure of meeting her mother and I'm so thankful because
I am actually more in the know than I thought 
(hahaha - y'all know that's atypical)

Fortunately, the blind community is very small and well
surrounded with love, support and fundraising!
Our local minor league team, The Charleston River Dogs, happens
to be one of those people...They do an annual fundraiser called
"Kindness Beats Blindness"
and all of the proceeds go to retinal research.
Someone from the team dropped off a donation letter and info.
yea, so I've lived here my ENTIRE life and
a) didn't know this fundraiser existed
b) had only been to 1 game before moving to Park Circle
(I've been to 2 this season)

well, what on earth? UM I'm definitely NOT missing out
on this as a parent, business and a girl who likes a party!

I put together this cute basket

and our super sweet friends who own
The Charleston Mattress donated this
YES - a queen size mattress, box spring and frame!

We get to the game and start looking at all the fun donations
ooohhhh...I like that...and that....and that
hahahahaha ~ what was I suppose to do?
It started raining so I had to keep myself busy!

WHAT?!?!?! it's an autographed home plate
and I got a cute boy who loves baseball
they gave us the 2 minute warning so I totally
hovered over it telling people i would outbid them
anyway and a lady came up - I said 
I'm getting this for my kid so back off
(I was half kidding)
she said her son plays on the team and
she was just looking at his signature.. sweet and cute!

the rest were lucky breaks?
I got a Ralph Lauren shirt for $45??
it also happens to be Michael's size
I really bid on it for Mike 
gift certificate to DIG across the street from the store
frame gift certificate/ photo session 
fireball and swag ~ hair cut

HAHAHAHA ~ well, it's for the best cause!

I'd buy anything for this face!!

AND I ran into the mom and her gorgeous 22yo daughter
she was a joy and so very kind
AND I happened to run into their doctor and his wife
who they swear by and got his email

My phone died or I would have had more pictures
I didn't see one person swing a bat or catch a ball
BUT I did enjoy every second and every penny
of a great night for a great cause!!