Sunday, February 24, 2013

Bouncing Birthday Fun!!!

Annie had been talking about how much
she loves birthday parties with her friends
we used to have huge parties but
haven't had the space for a party until now..

I already had the perfect invitation at home
because really what's better than a
bouncy castle and polka dots??

Thankfully the bounce castle people wanted
to set it up Friday and not pick it up until Sunday!
 That's a whole lotta bouncing!

I don't know why the production is so much fun
for me - I think I am a party addict and have
been in some serious withdrawls...

Did I mention the bouncy castle happened
to be a birthday cake??

I totally wanted to keep it forever!!

Nothing like a little preparty fun..

look at that sweet happy face..
I don't think we'll ever miss a party again

safe and sound inside
mommy tried to help her in and we BOTH
bounced right off and onto the ground
thank goodness I padded her fall.


Charlotte needed to check it out
just to make sure it was safe for sissy

please please please can I get in too??

boing - boing - boing
there's nothing to say about this


cotton candy in the bounce castle...
of course - it's a party!

if only I had a dollar for everytime I heard
"take my picture" those are some camera hams
awww...Annie and Christian
his mom, Susan and I are convinced
they're gonna get married
they are just. too. precious

what goes better with a jump castle than
cotton candy and popcorn??

Cole wins quote of the day...
he walked in - looked at the table and said
"it's just like the fair but FREE"
seriously he asked for another picture
and who am I to say no to a cute face??

Nana and Grannie
(I think they were already full of junk)

4 dozen mini cupcakes delivered to the front door

by Cupcake Aunt KK's shop!

the girls together again...
I have missed their faces!

the birthday girl...

the best way to eat a cupcake - frosting first!
Annie and Olivia decided they needed a rest
lol - that didn't last very long!

 All bounced out and ready for presents


seriously, cabbage patch fairy doll from Christian
he picked it out all by himself
(well of course his mom drove him)

Abby - my gorgeous little comedian
me and the birthday girl

My 9 year old priss pot
I can't even begin to tell you how much I love you
you are my favorite person in the world!!
the party was wonderful - all the giggles and chatting
the bouncing smiley faces - eating cotton candy
it's my favorite sound in the world
Annie was so excited to have all of her priends there
it was a day filled with our favorite people evah!
our cup runneth over - we are blessed beyond measure!
Happy 9th Birthday Annabelle Louise!!
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