Monday, January 29, 2007

I cut my nails

Annie is at work with Mommy today while Grannie runs some errands and she was behind the counter and said "Mommy where are you?" so I went behind the counter to sa y boo and she looked at me and said "I cut my nails" and she had a paper clip up to her toe nails pretending to cut her nails!!

Happy Birthday Amelia!!!

It is Amelia's 4th Birthday - she's getting to be such a big girl! She had her party at the Children's Museum which is one of my favorite places- I played in the water and got very wet we had to roll my sleeves up - Will had as nuch fun as I did splashing! I played on the big boat - I found the head immediately (for some reason I love a bathroom - even though I don't use it yet) I played with baby Grace in the toddler room and went up the stairs and down the slide but I must admit that my favorite part of the entire party was the cake - I loved it and even got it in my hair...Amelia did a great job blowing her candles out and opening her presents! We had soooo much fun and we love her!

Meet Teddy

Mommy was doing some spring cleaning - YES she did it herself!!! And found Teddy at the bottom of her closet - Teddy was hers when she was little - her Daddy gave it to her so now Mommy gave him to me! I loved Teddy right away and promised to take good care of him - I know how special he is!


Mommy and Aunt Les went to a Kate and Libby show on Friday..They make monogrammed bathing suits which you know we love our monogram so Abby was the model - Ain't she cute???

Thursday, January 25, 2007

You said WHAT???

Oh my - Three here we come...Annie went to the snack closet and wanted cookies but it was dinner time so I said "you can't have cookies for dinner" - she walked over to the carpet - threw herself down and pitched a fit!!! What was I to do?? LAUGH!!!

Wednesday, January 24, 2007

Busy Day!!!

Wow...We sure did pack in a lot today! Annie started the day with her OT and then off for a day of shopping and lunch with Grannie...we ate at our favorite sandwich shop - their PB & J rocks and then it was off to speech with Miss Beth and then playgroup..I was sooo excited to see Baby Reese and play with all of my friends - We got a LITTLE dirty playing in the puddles and falling off of the merry go round!!! It was soooo fun!!!

Monday, January 22, 2007

Getting Dressed

As you saw last week Annie was getting good at undressing so now she's practicing getting herself dressed...I don't think she has quite figured out the difference between her pants and hers shirts but I thought it was a good look no less

Southern Living

Southern Living was in town this week doing a photo shoot for their February 2008 magazine and they are doing an article on Summerville and all the places to shop so Mommy went to Piazza Home and had her picture taken shopping (which she loves to do) Miss Susie, Auntie Lynn, Holland, and Livi will be supping outside and Lisa will be shopping at People, Places and Quilts...Looks for their modeling debut next year..
You might want to start asking for autographs now!!!

Got Milk?

I came to Mommy and said "moutache"

Monday, January 15, 2007

Beauty Sleep is a must

It was a wonderful weekend at the lake with friends and family...Nana came for a visit and brought me some presents and always teaches me new things..It was fun fun fun..but it was time to go home and I wanted to go with Mommy for a "girls night" we got in our jammies and read books and watched Desperate Housewives (okay Annie didn't)...She was exhausted by all of the fun from the weekend...So she cozied in her Snowman pajamas and was the cutest thing I have ever seen...

Watch Out Tiger Woods...Here Comes Annie Lou!

Mommy went to play golf this weekend so she was "stretching' (Alright just making sure she wasn't going to shame herself to badly) and I decided to show her a few tips before she goes...Apparently my tips worked - she bogeyed 3 holes (we won't tell about the rest) but now she's on the search for a glove, pink shoes, pink balls and of course a monogrammed golf bag...with a little training I think mom has some talent and there is the most untapped scholorship money, I think lessons are in my future as well!

And of course showing off is hard work so I needed a snack and a nap!!!

I scream for Ice Cream!!!!

GranDennis went to the grocery store and brought me back a very fun treat!!!! So I enjoyed my ice cream cone very much and it was messy - Georgia was on the prowl for any leftovers to lick up...She as you can tell is a treat freak!

Thursday, January 11, 2007

I brusha my teeth!

Annie's new favorite thing to do is brush her teeth - She thinks since she'll be 3 next month she is now a BIG girl - so she sat and brushed her teeth for at least 20 minutes and would say YUM everytime she "ate" the water! Next project - potty training!

Monday, January 08, 2007

Lazy Days

We went to the lake again this weekend to hang out, sleep, eat and watch movies...It is obvious that Annabelle had a good time- she actually took a nap while eating her snack...she and Georgia hung out and had a blast...and she is getting very good at eating corn on the cob...and obviously she has mastered taking her jeans off...we couldn't keep them on her!

Friday, January 05, 2007


I was at work yesterday when Grannie called - Annabelle fell in the garage and cut her little forehead open - so we rushed to Dr. Chris who had to put 3 stitches in to close the gash - she was a champ and only cried when he numbed her up but not a tear when he put the stitches in and was on her way right back to herself afterwards!!! Thanks Dr. Chris - he so good we won't need a plastic surgeon - although he probably wishes we would switch practices - 2 sets of stitches down!!!!

Wednesday, January 03, 2007

Happy New Years

Happy 2007! We had a wonderful time at the lake with all of our friends and family...there was food, karaoke, fireworks and of course the ball dropping(which Grannie and I saw the next day)! It was a good time and we are excited about the NEW YEAR..
We hope everyone has a happy healthy new year!!!