Tuesday, September 18, 2012

Annie Annie bo bannie

YEAH - she lost her 2nd front toof....she has the best toothless grin and it seems that her teeth are falling out in their own perfect timing...
isn't she precious...this is how she "watches" dora and diego - she "listens" but don't be mistaken - she knows EVERYTHING that happens in those episodes!
after much ado about something - i have decided to homeschool Annie this year - I feel like the bad started to outweigh the good in her school environment and after years of making fun discussing the idea - i was put in a position where homeschooling in all of its glory craziness STILL seemed like a better option than sending her to public school....

Since this is Annie's scrapbook it didn't seem fair to mix her in with the home/design/whatever blog...so we're back because growing up any way other than girlie just doesn't seem as glamorous!!

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