Monday, October 29, 2012

Happy Fall Y'all!

Happy Fall Y'all!!

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Wednesday, October 17, 2012

Damn you Dora...

As Annie and I were laying on the couch today, Dora on in the background (I really can tune her out) I heard Annie say "Dora, my eyes aren't good" took me a minute to register that Dora had been asking for help looking for something and said "you've got good eyes"...I just sat there for a minute not breathing to kinda wait and see how it panned out...then Annie says "mommy - my eyes aren't good" I said "no I know they aren't" She was going to tell me how much she didn't like not being able to see but I tried to focus her attention on something else which thank God worked because I don't know if my heart could take having to explain to this sweet girl how God made her exactly as she should be...I try not to think of all the things she's missing but some days, I tell ya, it is hard...

but if HE trusts me then I've got to trust myself.
I won't go into the countless things she CAN do, we'd be here a year!

ps....i've got to admit, I thought "are you freaking kidding me?" when homeschool became the only true option for this girl but as always He shows me He's got it...this child is FLOURISHING at  Envision Academy in spite of the fact that I'm the lead teacher AND principal!
(still laughing at myself...never say never)

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Thursday, October 04, 2012

FIGHT like a GIRL!

october is breast cancer awareness month
and we had a party yesterday to celebrate....

after numerous doctors visits
one week we went everyday - double appts some days
(it felt like we lived there)

TWO lumpectomies.....

2 quick, easy recoveries with no pain meds
she was up the next day after both surgeries

we thought it would be fun

definitely a very party worthy day..

to hang some signs in the windows

 annie loves a party - she was happy to help!

Picasso you ask?

 she had that sweet toothless grin all day
getting things ready...

 what party would be complete without a cake??
publix chocolate with buttercream frosting
(it should have been pink)

3 weeks, 16 treatments, 1 bell ringing, a certificate 
and she's DONE with radiation...
Diana 1 - Cancer 0
she fought like a girl and kicked some ass!

Go Grannie Go!

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