Monday, April 30, 2007

First Boat Ride of The Season!!!

Summer is here!!! We went on our first boat ride of the season - It was fun and HOT!
Annie had a blast except for the vest she had to put on but after she got over that she was a boater! She kept saying "Mommy want to go faster???" There were LOTS of boats out on the water for so early but it was a gorgeous day! we can't wait for our fun summer full of friends, family and LOTS of boat rides!!!

Lake Lake Lake!

What a fun weekend - Aunt Terry and Uncle David spent the night Friday night and Saturday morning the Gals - Aunt Terry, Grannie, Mommy and Annie all headed out to Sumter for a trip to Lowe's - Aunt Terry wanted pink hydrangeas and I NEEDED window boxes! After a side track stop at Silver Papers (EVERYONE knows my car actually gravitates toward stores filled with paper)we got what we came for but I had been tooo much of a lookie loo and wasn't going to get back to The Ville for Lily's Birthday so I called Les to give my apologies! So then we shopped Sumter - if you ever get the chance it's a cool little place - Lil Darlin's (My new favorite children's clothing store) was filled with MUST HAVES!!! I had been looking for this particular dress with Octopi with pink bows in their "hair" and they had it along with several others! And Doolallies (another paper place) was cute too! it was a fun day - I don't get to shop that much but I love to see what other stores have!!!
We heard the party was a blast and the picture on Leslie's blog is sooo cute!

We did get some work done! Annie sat for a while and helped me pick out new lines to pick up at the national stationery show in May!!! She has a good eye!

Sunday, April 29, 2007

Where did you go Mr. Haynes?

I have been in my cottage (that's southern for tiny house) four years in July - When I bought it the yard man came with it (well he showed up at my house one day and said he had done the yard for Melissa) It was a great yard so I figured why not and he was CHEAP - Well as Leslie would say "You get what you pay for!" I should have been tipped off when I asked him to plant some flowers for me and he planted them in the pots and covered them with pine straw or when he painted my flower boxes for me and got paint on the house or when he cuts the yard with a weed wacker OR four years later when that same pile of leaves that I have been begging him to move is STILL there - He shows up at his own time no rhyme or reason - 8 AM or PM - when I NEVER have cash - but he's sooo nice! So this week he appeared and I said - "I am sooo over these azaleas - it's time to get this yard back in shape - let's get this going"
So he of course says "No problem" Well, I went to take a shower - and THIS is what I come back to - the funny thing is - he's not been back and I don't know what to do! My mom says "you really didn't plan this through did you?" I said "WHEN has he ever done what I asked when I asked?" THIS TIME!!!!!
So here sits my cottage - sweet little place on the same street as the busiest playground in town - the street all my friends ride down - And we all know I am going to sit and wait for John T to come back and finish up whenever that is!
Did I mention he only did ONE side of the house????
HAHAHAHAHA- I guess Leslie is right!

Thursday, April 26, 2007

Thursday Thirteen

1. She makes me laugh
2. She NEVER judges
3. She ALWAYS lets me come over and eat!
4. She cooks (I don't)
5. She sews
6. She DVRs my shows when my CW got cancelled
7. She is VERY VERY crafty
8. She is N I C E - and I mean really - she doesn't even have to fake it!
9. She helps me pick out new stuff for the store
10.Our kids are best friends!
11.She is very patient (Lord knows I need that)
12.She's ALWAYS in a good mood!
13.She makes me CARROT CAKE every year for my birthday!

Monday, April 23, 2007

Sunday at the Lake!

After such a fun and exciting weekend and week at work - I headed up to the lake to hang out with Annie! She LOVES the lake - there's sooo much to do and see - she has her own toys, her own cat (a someone's cat my mom insists on feeding ~ they named it HOBO)
There's always something going on - this weekend it was finishing up the deck - Summer's coming!!! We got a pontoon boat - so I had to check it out and of course Annie is already at the wheel ready to go! And as you can see - she gets things that she doesn't get at home! (WHO even eats slim jims and why would you give them to a 3 year old - she didn't like it - she gave it to Georgia) I tried to lay out and get some sun so Annie hung out and kept saying "You want me to talk to you?" Which of course I did - She told me a story about Abby coming to the lake to play with her toys! She kept me entertained but I don't think I got any sun! I did notice that Annie is into building things - there were some posts from the deck - she may be an engineer - I always and still thing she will be an ACTRESS! hehehehe - I am so glad summer is coming - The lake is such a wonderful place to get away and relax - And with no phones or work it ALL ANNIE ALL THE TIME! Which is my FAVORITE!

Mom's Night IN


It was MOM's NIGHT IN (we aren't allowed out as a group) this Saturday - Virginia (BRAVE SOUL) had us over for a night of FOOD and FUN ~ I think it was suppose to be game night but between ALL the food and gab we never got to the games! It was loud and filled with lots of laughter - It never ceases to amaze me how blessed I am to be surrounded by such extraordinary, funny, strong women!

Leslie and I had to split up so we could find out all that was going on and conference in the car on the way home so we didn't miss ANYTHING! cause there was lots going on - You know it's a GREAT time when the last guest leaves 6 hours after they arrive!!!! And you don't have to clean up because we ATE all the food!!!

Leslie made a list of just a few things she heard and they pretty much sum up our night!
1. I don't do candids
2.My brother went to Florida too but you were there WAY before him!
3. Where's my bra? (we had a bra party - another story)
4. Everyday is beer and cookie day at my house!
5.Like NEIGH - like a horse (as she makes the noises)

Needless to say it was SOOO fun! Thanks Virginia for having us!!!!

PS - Obviously my camera is doing some FUNKY stuff so anyone who knows a good digital camera to get let me know - it's time to upgrade!

Here Comes The Bride!

Wow - I can't believe Ashley is getting MARRIED - She was JUST in high school and college - she's Leslie's little sister and now - wow !!! We are getting older (but I must say better looking, more fun and I will say wiser!)
So Saturday morning was her Kitchen Shower - It was FUN ! The bride was beautiful and had the cutest shoes on ever - Leslie's house looked GREAT - the food was awesome, the presents were fun and the HOSTESS was the cutest, sweetest ever!!!

Wednesday, April 18, 2007

Happy Birthday Daddy!

Okay - So today would have been my dad's birthday...It's one of those days that pops into your mind everytime you look down at the date and makes you sad and happy all at the same time - Sad, obviously because he's not here and that REALLY REALLY SUCKS but happy because I must say that anyone that knew my dad knows I had the COOLEST DAD in town by far! Sorry gals - your dads are all cool!
Charles Edward Davis, Sr. had an incredible life - He was a faithful follower of Christ, an amazing husband, kick ass dad and a friend's friend!
He went on over FORTY cruises - Sailed his own boat from here to the Bahamas (with family in tow) and sailed around for six weeks. He was Dr. Don Duval for my VBS, went to every play, choir, and bring your dad to school day I ever had! He was THE MAN at ZTA parent's weekend ~ My friends lived with us, called upon us and hung out with us - I was blessed to have known this man much less to be raised by him - to be in his presence was always fun and upbeat - The love he had was overflowing - The lessons he taught me have been invaluable in my work and life!

I praise God everyday for the dad I had and cry to him about the short period of time I got to spend with him but I wouldn't have wanted 50 years with another dad because we packed more into 25 years than most in a lifetime!!!
Happy would have been 78th Birthday my sweet sweet Daddy!

Our House In the Morning!

So I am sure like almost everyone's house it gets a little crazy in the AM... It takes Annie a few minutes to wake up but once she is it's "Elmo's Potty" please - FYI - I learned a valuable - watch the dvd before you play it - lesson...I wasn't really expecting so much potty talk!
So here is Annie sitting in her chair watching Elmo - If you look the chair is actually ON our dog, Georgia, because she was tooo lazy to move and Annie is too sassy to care!

Sunny Days

I know - ANOTHER playgroup whats the biggie? But Annie was sooooo cute in her little monkey outfit that Olivia passed down to her and when I put it on - I shed a tear knowing it was probably the last time (and only the 2nd) that she would ever get to wear it (I hear a Hip Hip Hooray from the Wright girls!) I can't believe how tall she is getting - So what happened to the petiteness that comes from her heritage? HAHAHAHAHA - So here she is in all of her cuteness!

Tuesday, April 17, 2007

Monday, Monday...So good to me!

For everyone who asks receives; he who seeks finds; and to him who knocks, the door will be opened.
Matthew 7:8

I had paid bills this weekend and was getting kind of close to the " I don't like that amount" in the checkbook and then Monday morning bright and early TWO CODS came in which brought the amount down more .... and then a phone call from UPS - Another COD was coming Tuesday morning - So I said " No worries - God's got me covered"
AMEN FRIENDS - LOOK at this place it's trashed - I had FOUR BRIDES - two sets of wedding programs and two sets of invitatons!!! Not to mention all the fun invitations everyone else got - I may not see anyone for the next month or until graduation but PRAISE GOD! It was a fun and fruitful day!

Sunday, April 15, 2007


That was a mighty fine party pardner! Those girls didn't even stop to say Howdy to the birthday boy 'cause they were having so much fun! It was quite a round up!
I can't believe he is FIVE!!!! I met LeeAnne when she came in to get his FIRST birthday invitations and we have been friends ever since!!

Happy Birthday Will!!!

Wow - I can't believe Will is already 2 ~ It's amazing how time flies - I still can't believe we are old enough to have jobs and kids! It was such a fun party - Jenny was down for a visit from Atlanta - treat! The girls had such fun!!!
There was LOTS of neat things to do!!!


Where are the curtains??? And what smells like cotton candy?

Okay, so most of you know by now that I have started the process to adopt another child - Well I sent in my fingerprints LAST March and didn't hear anything until November ~ It was the Holidays, so with work and parties I had a lot going on and put it on the shelf to pray about it ~ So then I called to find out if they still remembered me. I now have all the dates for the adoption classes and just need to call them to tell them which one I will be attending - still I wasn't feeling the calling yet so I sat...So in the last few weeks it has occurred to me this might be the time ~ I am NOT getting any younger (34 next month) and Annie would benefit with a sibling ~ My main thing is, God forbid something happen to me Annie would be all alone so my thinking is give her family - She has really gotten into Reeser and often refers to her as her sista and of course thinks Abby is the best friend ever (although they fight over toys!) And now she is really into her new friend, Emma, at school - So I am thinking get the calendar out - pick the date - it will still take a year! And NOT to panic - I am adopting OLDER - I want a talking (which I know means sassing) walking, potty trained youngster - A GIRL - of course! The Grannie Nannie and I are still hashing out details but we are on the same page! Which brings me (I KNOW - F I N A L L Y) to the point of my story!

This weekend Leslie and Kane went to a Beth Moore Conference in Columbia and left Abby and Reeser with her mom..
We had TWO birthday parties so ~ On Friday, Annie asked if she could take Abby to the lake with her which is cute because she is a little more than selfish with Grannie/Lake time ...So I said we are going to Will and Ross' birthday parties would you like to take Abby? she said "YEAH" ...So I called MiMi (Leslie's Mom) to make sure that would be okay ~ I figured this would be a great time to test the two water...
I got both of the girls and headed to party #1 - Will Hathaway's second birthday! Annabelle had a little bit of trouble leaving Grannie and had a meltdown but Abby said Bye to MiMi and the Reeser and never looked back! When we got their Abby went ahead with Beth and Jenny while I coaxed Annie to the party and got the present! When we got into the yard Abby had made herself right at home and was kicked back in the Barbie Jeep with Selina trying to figure out how to hit the road! Annie (after a few minute breather) found a car to chase them around ~ there was bouncing and nuggets and tricycles and cake! Abby even told me she had to potty! BIG GIRL (I had put a pullup on Annie b/c I am lazy and was a bit nervous about two potty training children) It was time to go and Annie decided it was time to get in the jumpcastle - well, anyone with children knows it's not soooo easy to get your child out of the jumper ~ I had to bribe her with the horses that were at the next party - but once she figured out that meant going back in the car she was furious!
We get to birthday #2 Ross Newton's Party complete with large real horses (two of them) and another jumpcastle! They were party pros now - they totally made themselves at home and used all of the facilities (although oddly neither were interested in the horses) Sadie was Abby's instant friend (LeeAnne's niece) and I really didn't see her for the rest of the time Sadie fed her, played with her, showed her the horses and everything - I realized I NEED a 10 year old! Annie played and played - THEN - OOPPPS we had an accident - so it was time to change (fortunately I had several changes of clothes and lots of undies and pullups) When we got to the car and changed the girls after FIVE HOURS of car rides, partying and cake they wanted to go home - or my house (Abby says "Abby play at Miss Dena's House") So off we went! What happens next is a mystery - Those girls had a blast - They literally partied so hard they tore the curtains down! They played, laughed, jumped on beds, couches and chairs, used the bathroom NUMEROUS times, brushed their teeth, watched Elmo's Potty soooo many times I wanted to break it! After Abby had gone home with her parents and Annie went to the lake with Grannie, I was exhausted and my house was trashed - they even partied UNDER the bed! I called my friend Virginia, who has twins and Sugar who may as well have triplets and told them God has a special place in his heart and his house for them!

So after ONE day of TWO children I realized it's like running a marathon - I think I need some training because 26 miles is like THE REST OF MY LIFE!!! I am getting my calendar out to pick the dates!!!! PRAY FOR US!