Monday, April 02, 2007


See YA Tomorrow!!!

It's the MOST wonderful time of the year - ANYONE that knows me knows this is my FAVORITE weekend of the year! YES - even more than CHRISTmas!!! It is the weekend that 100s of thousands descend on my sleepy little town in search of the perfect hamburger and craft - It's a collectors heaven - so I don't collect but I sure do like to look and eat my way through the hundreds of booths and THOUSANDS of people - OF COURSE my partners in crime - Leslie who goes with me at least twice a day - and Leigh Ann who drives all the way from Columbia to see what the "IT" item of the year is!!!

So we start out Friday with some friends to do a once around and have some lunch! Then it was home for a rest and a hair appointment and then we met Lesley, Amelia and Will - which we do every year for a snack and a look! It is always fun for Annie and Amelia to see each other - They are now holding full conversations much like Les and I!! They were headed to the mountains for the week - We hope they have FUN FUN FUN!!! We'll see you at Will's birthday - I can't believe he's TWO!!!

We had a GREAT TIME and couldn't wait for the rest of the weekend!!!

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Abby and Reese said...

We had so much "sun" as Abby would say!