Monday, April 02, 2007


Wow - the last day of our favorite weekend! Another fun one - We went to church - Annie wasn't sure about Sunday School ~ I kept waiting for her number to pop up during the service but when I went to pick her up - She said "I had PUN!!!" Her teacher said she was a "hotbox" ~ I didn't ask what that meant because I was scared -Then it was on to ABC for lunch - then of course THE FESTIVAL!!!
Abby and Leslie rode the helicopter (we had to use the tickets Annie wouldn't) Annie was very kicked back - We ran into Aunt Beth and Owen! We walked up and down and picked up a few of the famous Kiwanis hamburgers before going home ~ The girls wanted to go on a golf cart ride so off we went! We might have to see if Grannie and GranDennis will leave it at our house ~ It sure is fun!!!
We had seen everything and done everything there was to do and it gets more fun every year as the girls enjoy it more ~ It was another great festival and we can't wait til next year!!!!

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Abby and Reese said...

We had so much fun on the rides, thanks for your tickets! I hope you can ride too next year. The cart ride was the highlight of the whole weekend! We need to do that more often.