Wednesday, February 28, 2007

I make my dog, Georgia sooo pretty!

So I walk in and there is Annie standing over Georgia - EMPTY sticker page in hand...Where did all the stickers go???

Hehehehe - "I made Georgia pretty!" And there sat Georgia just as covered as can be - Laying there - So I let her sleep like that and Mom came in this morning and said "What happened to my dog?" I said "well someone found some stikers and it wasn't ME!" - She asked Annie and she smiled and said "Grannie - I made Georgia sooooo pretty!"

That's my girl with her keen sense of decorating - hahahahahaha

Monday, February 26, 2007

Sunday, Sunday - what a fun day!

Wow - We really packed in a lot this weekend - After getting a VERY good night's sleep - we got up bright and early to go to church with the Wrights - I was a little nervous about her going to Sunday School for the first time at their church but she just looked at me and walked off - I kept looking for her number to pop up on the screen to go pick her up but it never came! I went to pick her up and there she stood at the end of the table feet crossed making the craft! They brought her to me and I asked her if she had fun - she said "Mama I had PUN!" So then it was off to lunch at Atlanta Bread Company - The girls shared their sandwiches, chips, pretzels and cookies!
Then it was home to change for a walk with the Wright gals - It was a good walk with lots of wind but the moms needed the resistance for sure - We stayed and played at Abby's house for a while and then we brought Abby home with us for MORE fun and playing - The girls had a BLAST and needless to say were in bed EARLY! I can't remember the last time Annie was out by 8:30 - We can't wait til next Sunday to do it ALL again!!!


Wow! What a NEAT party! It was at the Children's Museum AFTER HOURS! The kids had the run of the whole place - it was very very fun - Although Annie never made it past that grocery store AGAIN - She put sooooo much stuff in her buggy it actually tipped over when she tried to move it - and don't even try to unload so she could put more in ! What a fit - it was all I could do to get her away for the pizza and cake ( NO - I didn't eat any! - and those are my favorites!) It was fun for Annie to get to see her all of her friends again - she sure does love to play with them!

Happy Birthday Noah - We had a doggone good time at your party!!!!


We were at the lake Friday Night and SaturDAY - so we did a little golfing - It was fun but boy do I need GOLF LESSONS!!!

Wednesday, February 21, 2007

Wow - What a FUN day!

Mommy and Grannie took Annie and Abby to the Children's Museum for a day of fun and play! The girls had such a great time - Abby's favorite was the water room while this time Annie seemed fascinated by the grocery store (go figure - I do love a store full of food - come on) They drove the boat - The Anna Marie (MiMi's name!) Although there seem to be some trouble starting it and a little pow wow about who was actually going to drive..hehehehe...Then it was time for lunch and home to rest for PLAYGROUP!!! Annie loves the swings and was so beat from her day (she was too excited to take a nap) that she actually passed out in the swing! Needless to say she was asleep by 8:30 -

It was a wonderful day with all of our friends! We do love them sooooo!!!


Pasketti - Is what Annie had for dinner - I have been shoving carbs down my throat for 2 days in anticipation of my 40 days and nights without! So Grannie made spagetti and watching Annie eat it was more joy than the carbs I can guarantee it - Then we had to undress and wash our hands because she had it EVERYWHERE! And then it was time for her "bideo" as she calls her newest obsession - Little People Discovery!

Monday, February 19, 2007

Mom's Night

While Annie was safely tucked in at the lake with Grannie & GranDennis - It was time for MOM'S NIGHT OUT! So technically we didn't go out - We went to Club Jeffcoat for food and fun! As you can tell it was WEDDING NIGHT - Everyone brought their wedding albums (yes - even me - I still look good in the pictures!) and videos (no - I didn't want to relive it THAT much) Of course there was wedding food - From the Southern Ham biscuits to the Red Velvet Cake (of course Les made it from scratch - it's Sugar's favorite) There was a game to see how well we knew each others wedding facts - Virginia (or Ginger as she is nicknamed) won the big prize - Les & I tied for 2nd place - Linds came up with the game - It was FUN - We learned LOTS of fun things - Les & Linds wore their veils and Les even wore her Wedding day make up!
She was sooo purdy! Virginia had changed the most - She was a BLONDIE...Sugar spent the least amount of time at her reception - 30 MINUTES
Linds & Andrew's first kiss truly was - Shannon had a funny slightly inappropriate minister - Les - had the purple people eater bridesmaids and I had a useless album (hahahahaha)!!!
I LOVE MOM'S NIGHT OUT - Can't wait til next month!!!!

Tuesday, February 13, 2007

The AFTER Party!!!

There was soooo much fun and so many things going on we didn't get to open presents so we had to have an after party - it's tradition - Leslie, Abby, Reese, Aunt LeLe, Grannie, Mary, MiMi, Mommy and Annie had to open all the fun presents that friends brought over and eat MORE food, talk about how much fun we had and take a rest!!!


The it was dinner time so we went to our favorite Greek restaurant for a fun, relaxing dinner! We loved our entire day and were soooo happy that everyone came - then it was off to night night!

Monday, February 12, 2007

Happy 3rd Birthday!!!

Happy Happy Birthday Annie!!!

What a WONDERFUL FUN day! We had a carnival party for Annie's THIRD Birthday! It was a blast...There was a jumpcastle, carnival games (including Potty Toss - where YES you throw things into a potty - and have to fish them back out) Bunnie the Clown came to paint faces (Noah got a FLAMING soccer ball - Annie got Elmo on her hand - Amelia got a mermaid and Mommy got a unicorn!) and make super cute balloon animals that you could wear on your wrist or cobras...We had a popcorn machine, cotton candy machine that made cotton candy the size of the kids! There was pizza too! There were friends everywhere! MiMi (Annie's great grandmother) came with her friend Mary and decorated the party with balloons that they blew up and streamers - it really looked like a carnival ( Thanks MiMi and Mary) Aunt LeLe came from Columbia to celebrate which is always fun! The Jump crew stayed in the jumpcastle the entire time and laughed and laughed...Mommy got in with Annie & Abby and jumped until she realized how out of shape she was so she had to get out for a cotton candy/popcorn break!
We had such a wonderful time and are so blessed to have so many
friends (27 of Annie's closest) to come share the big special day with her and that it was the best birthday yet!

I can't believe she is already THREE...Where does the time go?
Thanks to our SUPER special guests MiMi, Mary and LeLe who made an extra long trip to spend Annie's special day with her...We LOVE YOU!!!