Monday, February 26, 2007

Sunday, Sunday - what a fun day!

Wow - We really packed in a lot this weekend - After getting a VERY good night's sleep - we got up bright and early to go to church with the Wrights - I was a little nervous about her going to Sunday School for the first time at their church but she just looked at me and walked off - I kept looking for her number to pop up on the screen to go pick her up but it never came! I went to pick her up and there she stood at the end of the table feet crossed making the craft! They brought her to me and I asked her if she had fun - she said "Mama I had PUN!" So then it was off to lunch at Atlanta Bread Company - The girls shared their sandwiches, chips, pretzels and cookies!
Then it was home to change for a walk with the Wright gals - It was a good walk with lots of wind but the moms needed the resistance for sure - We stayed and played at Abby's house for a while and then we brought Abby home with us for MORE fun and playing - The girls had a BLAST and needless to say were in bed EARLY! I can't remember the last time Annie was out by 8:30 - We can't wait til next Sunday to do it ALL again!!!

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Anonymous said...

My sweet little grand baby getting so big and going to Sunday School! You make me so proud!