Monday, February 19, 2007

Mom's Night

While Annie was safely tucked in at the lake with Grannie & GranDennis - It was time for MOM'S NIGHT OUT! So technically we didn't go out - We went to Club Jeffcoat for food and fun! As you can tell it was WEDDING NIGHT - Everyone brought their wedding albums (yes - even me - I still look good in the pictures!) and videos (no - I didn't want to relive it THAT much) Of course there was wedding food - From the Southern Ham biscuits to the Red Velvet Cake (of course Les made it from scratch - it's Sugar's favorite) There was a game to see how well we knew each others wedding facts - Virginia (or Ginger as she is nicknamed) won the big prize - Les & I tied for 2nd place - Linds came up with the game - It was FUN - We learned LOTS of fun things - Les & Linds wore their veils and Les even wore her Wedding day make up!
She was sooo purdy! Virginia had changed the most - She was a BLONDIE...Sugar spent the least amount of time at her reception - 30 MINUTES
Linds & Andrew's first kiss truly was - Shannon had a funny slightly inappropriate minister - Les - had the purple people eater bridesmaids and I had a useless album (hahahahaha)!!!
I LOVE MOM'S NIGHT OUT - Can't wait til next month!!!!


Lindsay Page said...

we are so mush fun. We are the hottest mommies ever! I loved the recap- but you did forget about the Oral family and the fact that you "oralled" me. LOL!


Looks like you guys had lots and lots of fun!!!