Monday, February 26, 2007


Wow! What a NEAT party! It was at the Children's Museum AFTER HOURS! The kids had the run of the whole place - it was very very fun - Although Annie never made it past that grocery store AGAIN - She put sooooo much stuff in her buggy it actually tipped over when she tried to move it - and don't even try to unload so she could put more in ! What a fit - it was all I could do to get her away for the pizza and cake ( NO - I didn't eat any! - and those are my favorites!) It was fun for Annie to get to see her all of her friends again - she sure does love to play with them!

Happy Birthday Noah - We had a doggone good time at your party!!!!

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Anonymous said...

You sure do love that museum - I wonder where you get your love of food and shopping?? I can't believe our babies are getting so old...

Happy Birthday Noah!