Wednesday, May 27, 2009

HOORAY! I'm a member of STITCH and BITCH!!

Soooo Leslie's got me hooked!!! As a Happy Birthday to me - I went out and got a new sewing machine (thanks me and mom) - of course I had to get some fabric! I am IN LOVE with fabric!!!
And for my birthday - Leslie got me a super fun sewing basket (that has already been to the lake) FILLED with all sorts of sewing surcies!!! I couldn't wait to break it in...I packed it up for my family lake weekend and voila!!! LOOK what I made!!!! Mom had to help me put it together (I had forgotten) with the chaos all around (there were ten people) it took a long time but it was soooo fun and its SOOO very very cute!!! Its my first solo project!!!!
Now if I can just learn how to read a pattern! Hahahah - poor leslie, she's in for it now!!!
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Thursday, May 14, 2009

Ooops! Pictures here see story below!

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OMG...Look what I did!!!!

Leslie made Annie this super cute tshirt with a PINK crocodile...she even has a bow in her hair!!!
But we didn't have anything that she could wear with it (we only have dresses or sets) so Leslie ordered fabric and came over and look what I MADE (yes made) Les made the pattern, I cut them out and sewed them together!!! I LOVED it!!! I need to finish them and then on to the next project!!
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