Tuesday, October 25, 2011

First Day of First Grade!

Yes I know I am LATE - I am playing catch up because I've missed a lot and am having blogger's remorse!! So Annie started FIRST GRADE - where did all the baby time go (and with it went most of the smocked dresses)She had the same teacher for 2 years so moving on was a big deal!!

What does a sweet little girl have on her first day of school? Chocolate chip cookies - the breakfast of champions!

Waiting for the bus....she has NEVER been on a bus so this is new stuff - she's kind of excited.

It's here! It's here! As most of you know Annie is visually impaired so she is riding on a handicap bus...there are just a few kids on it - I must say it made me a little sad for her to not be riding with all the other kids and worried that people would make fun of her...but so far so good - Ms. Jessica and Ms. Buckey are wonderful!

One final glance back at mommy to make sure it's what she's supposed to be doing..I tell her to have a great first day!

And off she goes....she now wakes up excited to go catch the bus because it's "her bus" no anyone elses...I don't even have to shove her up the stairs!!

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