Wednesday, August 14, 2013

saying "I'm sorry"

I have noticed lately that Annie says "I'm sorry" a lot most of the time
for things she shouldn't be sorry for. If she wants milk in the morning
and then asks for sprite she'll say "sorry mommy for asking you again"
two things come to my mind
1) I pretty sure she wishes she could do these things herself
so it cracks my heart a little bit for her
2) Do I make her feel like she needs to apologize?
I've been super conscience about being upbeat and positive
when she asks for things she needs...

Of course there are things she's going to need help with and I
try to stay as positive as possible (I do get tired)
BUT then there are times she does things like fighting me
to take her medicine ~ not listening and she says
"I'm sorry mommy"
but I don't think that she is because if you were truly sorry
you would stop fighting and adding frustrations to daily routines...

And then I had that "AHA" moment
it was around 4 o'clock in the afternoon and Annie and I were
resting which means I try to take a few minutes of silence
between the 4 loads of laundry, loading the dishwasher, starting dinner, refilling her script, making her take her medicines, playing and keeping up with Annie...
and then "IT" happened she wanted a snack, the dog was sitting on my head,
 Priss was talking NONSTOP and I finally said
"can I just get FIVE minutes of quiet please?"
I have just spent the last 6 hours doing crap I don't even like to do
so can I please please please just have a minute...

UGH - I of course immediately apologized and told her how much I love
her and mommy was just exhausted (i had been sick last night)
that I shouldn't be upset and some days it's just hard to do everything..

Yea - I'm pretty sure I've had THAT conversation with her a few times
in the last weeks...I tell her how sorry I am and I will be damned if 
I don't do it AGAIN... So I'm going to take her's as sincere as mine
and love her little heart and try to smile through it!

Just because you say sorry - it doesn't mean you aren't going to
do it again but it does mean that you realize you've done it
and that folks is sometimes more than enough for the day!!

So Annie - I am sorry - I try to be perfect but there are no perfect people
so I'm gonna forgive you every time you say sorry and hope you can do the same!!

I love you - my favorite person in the world!!!

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