Sunday, June 28, 2009

Summertime and Girly Days!!

Annie and Mommy decided to go to the pool for some sun....she's obviously been "sunning before"

UM is Little Miss Priss checking out the boys??

She said "that was a good picture Mommy"

So of course on the way home - because we've been to the pool and pool equals PARTY we MUST stop and get a birthday cake to make!

Annie stirred it all by herself (no we don't have a beater - I'm NOT that domestic)

So she must taste the batter to make sure it's JUST right!

Pat a cake pat a cake bakers man....

I must admit - I took it out of the pan too soon (it fell apart) but it l fixed it with funfetti!

I take that as a YUMMMMMYYYYY!!!!

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Sunday, June 21, 2009



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Thursday, June 11, 2009

Pool Party! Its all fun and games until EMS is called!

Tuesday was the last day of school here so our sweet friend Miss Jen called....impromptu POOL PARTY!! 4 moms - 8 kids!!! Annie was sooo excited - she thinks every party is a BIRTHDAY PARTY so we had to stop and buy a CAKE!!! Bathing suits and off we went! Annie was a little apprehensive about being in a float (it was her first time - I know I'm over protective) Once she got the hang of it - watch out!!! She was all over that pool (with me following) she had a BLAST! She was sooooo cute I just couldn't stand myself. She decided it was time to get out - as soon as we got out - I started itching - thankfully I knew what might happen so we got prepared.... Hives everywhere - I am HIGHLY allergic to one particular ant - so apparently I had gotten bit...won't go into the details - EMS shows up - ER for a few hours while pumped with fluid (FYI - Pepcid is awesome for hives) I get home and Annie and GranDennis are waiting on me - ant bites all over their faces! Hahahahahahaha!
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Sunday, June 07, 2009

Moving On....

So some of my FB friends should already know but for all of my bloggie friends... WE ARE MOVING!
Yes...the girl that loves her town like no other is leaving....
As most of you know Annie has low vision, her school is precious but she will be mainstreamed after 5th grade (yes I'm a planner) which in this area isn't my favorite idea so mother and I have been discussing our options. A few weeks ago we went to Spartanburg to look at the SC School for the Deaf and Blind..great campus, cute town but now exactly what we had in mind.
Next we road tripped to St. Augustine to visit the Florida School for the Deaf and Blind (2 schools one campus)
IT ROCKED! The campus is gorgeous...the blind children do archery and canoe in the intercoastal (which the campus is on) the teachers were amazing, the technology .... I was done when I walked into the library...I wanted to sit down and cry from joy! It is the PERFECT place for my princess to grow and thrive!
Did I mention its a very cute town and the beaches??? We went to the beach TWICE on Saturday...from the hotel to parked on the beach in 10 minutes!!! Annie LOVED it!
Sooooo..please pray for us that the Lord works in a timely manner..we've got to sell my house, my store, our lakehouse, my Moms house and maybe my car (the roads are tiny) before we go...I would love to be there for Annie to start school next year!
Of course this means more blogging to keep up with everyone!!
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