Monday, March 26, 2007

Picnic Party!!!

Sunday afternoon we went to the Lees house for a picnic! It was lots of fun - they even had a decorate your own cupcake station with LOTS of neat toppings! They had lots of fun toys in their backyard - We ate chicken and hotdogs and lots of good sides! Jonathon is a WIZ on the grill! They had the best backyard for a cookout and we are looking forward to a great summer! They have a POOL!!! YEAH - Annie loves to play with Mary and Jack - And she loved Aunt Katherine - They played with side walk chalk! We had such
a good time!!!! Thanks for having us! Annie was sooo tired she fell asleep on the floor as soon as we got home!!

The Lake

We were at the lake Saturday night for some rest and relaxation! Annie's new favorite thing is her Elmo "bideo" so we put it in and she fell asleep in her recliner...She reminded me of my Daddy - He used to nap in his recliner too! It was sooo cute!

Plate Party!

It's Easter time so that means it's PLATE PARTY TIME!!! We had Beth Seabrook at the store to make the cutest footprint and handprint plates! She does a great job - Annie has like 6 of them!!! Here are some cute photos of a few of our friends!

Thursday, March 22, 2007


Okay- I had a meeting at Annie's new school this morning to go over some things we wanted to work on and was not really thinking about leaving her so when it was time to go I said - Let's go play with Abby - she told me NO - I said well I am leaving - Annie said "BYE" so today was her first day of school - There are no good pictures so we are having a do over tomorrow with her bookbag and all ready for school but today this is her telling Grannie and I how much

"pun" she had with her new friends - Her friend Katherine Ryan is in her class and she said she played with her and she loves her! They said she did GREAT but didn't want to come in off the playground!!! hehehehehe

Ladies Lunching

What a beautiful day and what a fun lunch! The Tea Room was ALL everyone says it is! The food was delicious - The tomato pie looked awesome - I had lunch envy but the curry chicken salad was good too!!! The company was super fun and the desserts looked and smelled awesome (TWO weeks until Easter!!!) I am hoping to go again before it's over and there was LOTS of new stuff at the gift shop! And we saw Lynn, Holland and Olivia!! We had an extra special guest...Virginia's sister is in from LA - so it was a treat!

Monday, March 19, 2007

Tea Room

It's Tea Room time again at St. Paul's Episcopal and this year I got to help them set up the gift shop - I was thrilled that they had such great faith in my displaying techniques because LOTS of people go through there in the two weeks -

I did get an early look at all the loot and went ahead and bought a lamp for Mom (It was a fish - she loves them)

They had some neat fun stuff so if you are out and about - stop by!

They have a great restaurant - we are going on Thursday as a group - So I am looking forward to lunch - I hear the tomato pie and curry chicken salad are wonderful!!

Kalie and Annie!

So it was a wonderful weekend - We had pictures early Saturday morning..Mommy forgot her memory card at work and Annie wasn't really feeling photogenic but we saw lots of friends and we did get to pet Einstein the Bunny - then it was off for lunch and play with Abby...Then HIP HIP HOORAY!!!! Kalie came for a visit!!! The girls FINALLY got to play together and did they have a great time!!! Auntie Em was home for Grammie's birthday so we got to hang out a bit...Kalie and Annie got along very well and Kalie Grace made herself right at home!! It was soo fun to see these sweet girls play together! We have missed them lots and talk to them and about them all the time...It was a real treat!

Wednesday, March 14, 2007

Dinner with The Masseys!

My friend Lynne called and invited us over for dinner - She made penne and meatballs - I mean food I don't have to cook - I AM THERE! It was a lot of fun and Annie had a great time playing with Steven and Perry- She ate almost everything on her plate!!! They played and played! We will miss them soooo - They are moving to Columbia soon!

And we loved playing with Miller Man!!!

Beautiful Day!

Well - it continues to be a busy time for us! We had playgroup and the kids were just soooo cute! They were having so much fun - And they were just doing the funniest stuff! So of course I had to snap a few photos to share! Look at all of our sweeties!!!

Monday, March 12, 2007

Picnic in the Park

Wow - You can tell Spring has SPRUNG!!! So since school was out we met all of our friends at the park for a picnic! It was sooo much fun - Emma came with Leslie and told us all about her new baby brother Christopher (but she calls him Teddy Bear) - It was a nice day and a nice treat - I don't know why but lunch actually tastes better outside!!!

California Dreamin'

After Church (Annie decided not to go) it was soooo pretty that we decided to head down to California Dreaming to have lunch - We kept looking out at the dock because Kane, Leslie and Abby were in their boat for a fun family day - They had kindly invited us but we needed to get some stuff done at home - So then it was off to shopping and cleaning out Mommy's closet - Goodwill got a BIG treat this morning!!!

Saturday, March 10, 2007

Spring has SPRUNG!!!

So we went to do a little early Easter shopping for the Playgroup Egg Hunt and LOOK who we found at Target!!!

Candy Cottontail herself - helping us get in the mood!!!

Monday, March 05, 2007

Church and Fun

So we are going to church at Seacoast with the Wrights and loving it - The messages are awesome and Annie loves Sunday School - plus you know we love lunch and our walk with the Wright Family - Plus she looked so cute today - I will try not to blog every Sunday...

You should check out the message at