Monday, March 05, 2007

My Baby Super Genius - THE HERO!!

Ok - so we are leaving the party and laughing and having fun - I put Annie in the car - She wanted to open her goody bag so I put her in the seat and hear a noise that DOES register in my brain but quickly forget - so we open the bag and OOHHH and AHH over the dress up shoes - As I am closing the door I think -SHOOT - My keys are in there and then the noise registers - SH** - I LOCKED ANNIE AND THE KEYS IN THE CAR!!!! OH MY GRAVY! So the wonderful woman next to me offers her cell - mine has no service and I promptly call ONSTAR - It has been disabled so they cant even activate it - SO I move to plan B - I call a friend (who shall remain nameless to avoid embarrassment) Call a locksmith is the answer I receive - SO then I call MOM - She is on the way - as I sit there I notice the keys are in Annie's seat - so I say - "Ann pick up the keys " SHE DOES - She is holding the key in her hand and laughing - I say "PLEASE don't laugh - Mommy locked you in the car - she needs you to unlock the car" She laughs again - By now my friend Lynne pulls up and offers her AAA - So Lynne, her dad and I are all telling Annie to unlock the car and there she sits smiling and laughing - I can see I am getting no where and then she DROPS the keys...So I move away trying to figure out what window I am going to break and with what...When I hear Lynne's dad saying - Ann pick up the keys - SHE DOES - Press the button - she flips the remote over and he says - not that one - the other one - So she takes her tiny finger and presses the button - SHE UNLOCKED THE CAR!!!!


A three year old saved the day!!!! Needless to say it made her tired and we are getting spare keys made right now!!!



Annie saved the day! What a big girl you are getting to be!!!

Anonymous said...

I always knew I had a baby Einstein - I was so scared and sp proud of you!