Wednesday, December 27, 2006

Annie's Annual Pre Parade Party

We had our THIRD annual party this year! We have all Annie's friends come over for pony rides (reindeer) and we decorate cookies and we paint ornaments and eat LOTS of food - we give out goody bags and it is soooo much fun! Annie really enjoyed it this year and seems to really really really like ponies!

It's beginning to look like Christmas

We finally got our tree up and presents wrapped and we are ready to roll for the big day! Annabelle keeps saying "Santa bring presents to me?" We say YES and she squeals with delight! So I think this Christmas will be the best yet!

Baby Reese

Annabelle is in love with Baby Reese..she's named all of her baby dolls Reese and wants to see Reese everyday. No wonder - look how cute she is...she's the baby that gives you BABY FEVER!!!!

Thursday, November 30, 2006

Baby Yum Yum

Looks like someone found the M&Ms that grannie had stashed in the kitchen - Annie would say more - then ALL DONE - then HELP - Of course she had to eat as many as we would give her and then it was time for dinner! But she has earned the nickname Baby Yum Yum for sure - she may not eat meals but she LOVES a snack!


Abby & Baby Reese came over to play with us! We love Baby Reese - I always want to rock her and feed her - Abby & I rode the horsey and played chase - Mommy, Grannie & Aunt Les laughed & laughed as we talked to each other - it's amazing how much we understand - we will be soooo sad when the cable man comes to the Wright house!!!!

Wednesday, November 29, 2006

Our first attempt

It's time to start saying CHEESE for our Christmas card pictures and we thought we would give it a try - it was a decent first attempt but needless to say I don't think these are "the ones" - We will probably try again after we get the tree up.
We are going to cut it down this weekend and decorate it - We love CHRISTmas and can't wait for the house to smell like our tree!!! And the countdown begins!!! Til Santa gets here!

Monday, November 27, 2006

What happened???

I mean - I NEVER thought this would happen to my team!!! I had on the dress my Auntie Dyana made - Go Tigers! I am ready for the big game and all I can do is stare in disbelief ....Whoa - I know Shaun & Angela are sooo upset - they were at the BIG GAME - Poor Mommy though - she has to fly Carolina flags for TWO WEEKS - She lost a bet and now has to pay up!

Friday, November 24, 2006


We had a wonderful Turkey Day! We went over to Aunt Terry & Uncle David's to eat - Shaun & Ang & Sherry were there of course Mommy, Grannie & GranDennis and Dave, Kathy, Sam & Braxton! It was lots of fun and there was LOTS of food - We ate until we couldn't fit one more bite!
Then we watched football and took naps - It was so fun to be around our family - we love them and can't wait until next year! Thanks so much!!!

Monday, November 20, 2006


I woke up EARLY this morning to play with Georgia - She is my favorite play toy and I miss her even when I sleep...
She's Annie's Georgia - and although Mommy thinks I am precious, she wasn't all that happy this morning at 6:30 A.M.
But what's a girl to do - plus Mommy got some stuff done before we ALL napped again around 8 til Grannie came and woke us up at 8:45 -
then it was off to work for Mommy!

It's game week at our house --- we are spending all of our time practicing

C - L - E - M - S - O - - - N GO TIGERS!!!!!!

Monday, November 06, 2006

Handprint Plates

Mommy had Miss Beth come to make handprint & footprint plates for Christmas at her store - LOTS of people came and brought their kids to do them - It was really fun and I got to see all my friends and we all got to play with paint...I got a few done myself so Mommy and Grannie could see my cute feet! I was a great sport and got to wear my Thanksgiving dress - It's Mommy's favorite holiday because she LOVES to eat!!!!

Monday, October 30, 2006


The hayride was Saturday night and it was so fun....there is a ghost walk , hayride and Mommy makes hot dogs and sells them for DREAM...Grannie sells tickets to the hayride and keeps it organized...There weren't as many people this year cause they were all at the Carolina vs. Tennessee game - watching the Gamecocks LOSE!
But it was still fun - I got to see some friends - Olivia, Kamp and Patrick - he got a fun new hat and had to come by to show it off!!!

Coastal Carolina Fair

The fair is in town and I love to go so Mommy, Grannie, GranDennis, Angela and Shaun took me to have fun! Mommy and Angela got a hand stamp so I could go on all the rides and I did..We went on the ferris wheel and Angela got a little woozie..hehehe I thought it was great, they took me on the carousel and I wanted to go again. Angela took me on the Dumbo ride and then we all went on the pirate ship that goes high and around and around and I thought it was great - Mommy and Angela thought it was fun but didn't eat or drink anything else after we got off! Everyone had a great time and shaun and angela got me this fun tiger! Go CLEMSON...Thanks for going with us - everything is more fun with y'all!

Thursday, October 26, 2006

What time is kick off???

Today is the Clemson vs. Virginia Tech..I am decked out in my orange and white and ready to yell FIGHT TIGERS FIGHT!!!

Go Tigers

Mommy went to see our favorite CLEMSON TIGERS play...she had a great time with Angela, Shaun and Sherry...the game was awesome-we looked for Mommy on TV but didn't see her - the Tigers won 31-7 and are now ranked 10th in the nation...YEAH!

Monday, October 16, 2006

State Fair

We went to the State Fair in Columbia on Sunday - WOW ~ did we have a good time! Mommy, Grannie, GranDennis, Aunt LeLe and I had soooo much fun! Of course there was food- I had pizza, mini donuts, popcorn, lemonade and a bite of LeLe's corn dog - yummy....GranDennis and Mommy took me down the euroslide THREE times - I squealed with delight and joy and wanted to go again!!! I also rode the carousel twice, went on two pony rides and rode the bumblebee that went HIGH!!! Mommy and Grannie are worried that I am going to be their daredevil and GranDennis can't wait for me to get big enough to ride all the rides with him!! We were also glad Aunt LeLe came to play with us - she's been sooo busy and we have missed her!

Thanks for the fun - We will see you soon!!!

Lollipop Oh lolli lolli

Boo Hoo is all I had to say and look what I got! Grannie gave me a lollipop and I think it's obvious how much I enjoyed it!

Friday, October 13, 2006

Cutie Pies

Here are some fun pictures of Patrick and I - We always laugh and have a good time and Mommy and Aunt Jen Jen love to take pictures - I think Uncle Greg might not find this as funny as Mommy and Aunt Jen Jen!!

Childrens Museum

Of Ofcourse Mommy likes to take me places and I love to bring Patrick with me EVERY WHERE I go because it much more fun with a friend and Aunt Jen Jen takes us lots of places too so we are best buds and don't like to be apart - so Mommy and Grannie took us to the Childrens' Museum (Aunt Alicia got me a membership for my birthday and we love it!) So we got to drive a boat and Patrick climbed really high to play with the golf balls.
We played for a long time and had lots and lots of fun...


Patrick got to spend the night with us and it was SOOOO much fun! I love when Patrick comes over - He can do lots of fun things and I like to do them too...We take long baths and brush our teeth and use the potty!
We of course eat LOTS of snacks because Mommy let's Patrick and I do anything we want and we want to eat!
She didn't even mind when we woke up at 4:30AM for snack and play but I mean LOOK at us...Could you be mad at us? I don't think so plus we did go back to sleep at 6AM for a nap...Really we do need our beauty sleep!

Happy Birthday Abby!

We have a bit of catching up to do so you can know how busy I have been - Here is Abby's birthday party-
It was very fun-she got a new playhouse that I just loved and all of my favorite friends were there!
This is me and William - He's sooo cute and always makes me laugh!

And Here's the Birthday Girl - Isn't she pretty? She is my favorite friend to call on the phone we talk at least 5 times a day! (not really but EVERY time the phone rings she says Abby?)

Thursday, October 12, 2006

Pumpkin Patch

We went and met our friends at the Pumpkin Patch today...There were lots of pumpkins and ants! I think we all got bit - I didn't want to look at the camera since I still have 2 black eyes...Dr. Chris assures me they will go away but they are taking a L O N G time - but it makes for fun pictures for the baby book and goes a long way with the sympathy..I am more spoiled than before - All I have to say is.."Hurts" and Mom & Grannie are toast. So I am sure to milk it!