Monday, October 30, 2006

Coastal Carolina Fair

The fair is in town and I love to go so Mommy, Grannie, GranDennis, Angela and Shaun took me to have fun! Mommy and Angela got a hand stamp so I could go on all the rides and I did..We went on the ferris wheel and Angela got a little woozie..hehehe I thought it was great, they took me on the carousel and I wanted to go again. Angela took me on the Dumbo ride and then we all went on the pirate ship that goes high and around and around and I thought it was great - Mommy and Angela thought it was fun but didn't eat or drink anything else after we got off! Everyone had a great time and shaun and angela got me this fun tiger! Go CLEMSON...Thanks for going with us - everything is more fun with y'all!

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