Wednesday, October 31, 2007

Wordless Wednesday!

Happy Fall Y'all!

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Tuesday, October 30, 2007

The BIG Trip!

Getting Ready for the big Bon Voyage!

The Contraban Queen! She did get to keep the cokes - you should have seen all the liquor people tried to sneak on - but for 10 bucks a drink - they would have saved a little bank! She was beet red and I laughed SOOO hard!

Lovin' the Coco Loco!

Loco Ladies! Watchin a show!

Night Night ~ Is it ONLY 10 o'clock??? We had to catch up on our beauty rest!

Thank goodness they had ESPN for Thursday Night Football!!!

I LOVE a dirty Island!!!!! We woke up in NASSAU ~ that was a nice turn of events except for the poor boy who fell down the stairs and had to make a medical emergency stop! I don't think Leslie was quite as excited as I was - but I could LIVE there Mon'!

Leslie and Claire - NOT SO MUCH! Two aisle of the straw market and they were ready for the beach!

Beach Bound ~ Headed for the Atlantis

BABES! $55 dollars to lay on the beach???

I know - It's a BEAUTIFUL Beach! It IS Paradise Mon' And it was FREE!
Well we did pay 10 bucks for the chairs


The $10 Coconuts! With unlimited refills - We gots our money worth!
Can you say YELLOWBIRD??


YES - SHE REALLY SMOCKED the ENTIRE cruise! Bingo, Beach, Bar and layin by da pool!

We had a FANTASTIC time on our cruise and are already looking forward to our next one - We laughed so hard our jaws hurt! I have NEVER seen sooo much food be eaten in my life! Breakfast, snack, lunch, snack, dinner and then room service - don't forget the poolside cocktails! We played and LOST at Bingo - saw a show and heard some comedy - watched some football ~ Clemson is back in the TOP 25!!! I must admit the food wasn't great but the company and the cocktails were perfect ~ we really didn't drink that much but you can't beat a frozen drinkie drinkie! I am counting minutes til the next one!!!!

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Monday, October 29, 2007

We are back!

The Cruise Crew makes its return!

The Cruise Crew

On da beach in Paradise Mon' (Nassau)


Here is a GLIMPSE of the fun we had this weekend! What a BLAST! Leslie has all the pictures on her camera and it has been a little busy getting back into the swing of things - I am STILL rocking!!!

I will be back with more pictures and FULL details- I know y'all are just dyin'!

AND YES - We missed everyone!

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Tuesday, October 23, 2007

It's a ZOO out there!

Our little monkeys!

Count Annabelle

It's da bears!

Penguins - like HAPPY FEET!

Abby and Annie

Annie and Mommy!

We had soooo much fun at the zoo with our priends! There were LOTS of animals to see and lots of laughing! We love to see Cole, Jonah and Judah (we miss them so much) and those kids ran around that zoo! The penguins were everyone's favorite - they swam right up to the glass - the gorillas were pretty cool too - they sat with their backs to us (I don't blame them) - and although I can't quite figure out a giraffe - I sure do like them!

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Sunday, October 21, 2007

Lordy Lordy - Jonathan turned FORTY!

The Birthday Boy - He doesn't look a day over 39!

My Girls!

The Band

Buffie the Back Up Singer

English on Washboards!

Jonathan on some instrument they lugged back from Australia

The Hostess with the Mostess!

And what a party his wife threw! It was FANTASTIC ~ the house looked great she had pumpkins carved out for tea candles - hay bales to sit on - BBQ (Fancy Style) Deviled Eggs that Melissa said were as yummy as candy! One man band that made everyone a musician! The guests were cute and funny (hahahhaa) the birthday boy was having a blast and the hostess was the mostest! We did rock it out so hard that the policeman came (me thinks it was the uninvited neighbor) and shut our party down!

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I'll take that used hoodie!

Me and That Claire (Melissa got a LITTLE close with the camera)

Leslie and Shannnon

Katherine (Virginia's SUPER CUTE sister)

Virginia - lovin' on my new monkey statue

Girl - you know we gots some funny friends!

It was MNO (that's Mom's Night Out for those not in the know) at me casa on Friday night - Leslie thought it might be fun to do a swap meet - that's where we each bring a few things that we don't use anymore and put them in a pile and exchange~
Of course there were numbers picked ~ My NEWUSED favorite - my blue hoodie I got from Claire! I don't know that I have taken it off since I got it - there was some fun stuff! There were only a few things left over ~ They got left at my house!

Of course there was LOTS of fun girlie conversation - Leslie laughed so hard she cried! Another FUN and exciting night but what would you expect with our friends!

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Friday, October 19, 2007

Maroon 5

Look who we ran into - Tara and Rebeccah!

This is the view FOURTH ROW tickets get ya!

Adam Levine - YES my camera zooms in pretty far!

The Band

LeLe and Mike - The BEST Concert buddies EVER!

Me and my girl!

What a SUPER fun night! The band was awesome and the seats were even better! Mike and LeLe are the perfect concert buddies - they love to dance and we laughed HARD!
I have never been to a "boy band" concert - WOW! those girls went CRAZY - oh to be young again (hahahahaha)!!! Thanks for taking me y'all! I always have SO MUCH FUN with y'all!

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Thursday, October 18, 2007

Thursday Thirteen

Thirteen Things Annie says or does that make me smile!

1. She says "I have ants in my pants and my crotch" ~ Which I figured out means CROCS! (she got that from Dora - who says dance, dance, dance like you've got ants in your pants)
2. When I sneeze she says "Bless you mommy"
3. We were watching football the other day and I said "CLEMSON" she said "No Mommy - I say ABCDEFG"
4. I LOVE that she uses a Y for an L (YAKE) or a P for F (priends and pood)
5. She names ALL of her baby dolls BABY
6. Mom has not been feeling well and she says she needs to go to the doctor and Annie says "Dr. Chris is my doctor - you get your own doctor Grannie!"
7. She knows our blessing and says bow your head "Tank you for dis food - use it to nourish our bodies so we can grow big and strong and do God's will AMEN"
8.last night we had chinese food and I ordered the PuPu platter (I KNOW) and Annie said "Mommy - you gots poopoo in your pants?"
9. EVERY time we talk about Mac she says "Mac has a stinky diaper" because ONE time Buffie had to change his stinky diaper.
10. No matter what you say you want to do Annie says "I want to do dat too!"
11. We are going to see the Doodlebops and she says "Mommy want to go see the Doodybox with me?"
12. She is starting to develop good manners - she says tank you bery much - please - and excuse me.
13. She has figured out how to burp (it's a pet peeve of mine) so when I say "excuse you" she just laughs!

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Wednesday, October 17, 2007

Monday, October 15, 2007

Happy Birthday to KANE!!!

We played on the beach and collected seashells!

We took a few great beach pictures hoping for a CHRISTmas card shot!

They look sooo tiny next to that big ol ocean!

They RAN to that BEACH!!

She slept sooo good at the beach with the waves in the background!

They Played on the beach

They were sooo cute!

They loved on each other

They watched "The Jungle Book"

They ran naked on the beach!

We had such a wonderful time at that beach celebrating Kane's BIG 30th Birthday!
Thanks for having us!!! HAPPY BIRTHDAY KANE!!!!

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