Tuesday, March 13, 2012


Joshie is a HUGE hockey fan ~ i really don't think he watches anything but sports :)
so for CHRISTmas we decided Joshie MUST go to an NHL game and of course since they serve beer we decided to go along......

and Ole' on the way we HAD to stop at south of the border (it's a gas station turned crazy park/shopping/gas/restroom at the SC/NC border) steph and i posing with Pedro
is a must on the stop!

i MAY have gotten a t-shirt and Mike made it seem like i was "holding" pedro
yea - it doesn't look like it

there's no need to bring sexy back because it never left!! hawty!!

why are boys never as excited about photo ops as i am ??

Joshie and Steph...love them!

our kick ass seats - the girls and joshie!!!

steph and i

the greatest, hottest man of all times!

joshie and i - love him!!

We took josh to see his very first nhl game - he's a huge nhl fan! we happened to be there on military appreciation night - it was life changing - when they "dropped" the puck the "wheeled/rolled/pushed" an iraqi vet onto the ice to drop the ceromonious puck i was soooo moved - this amazing soldier who protects my way of life was injured in a way that he was living but was not "alive" - i watched in pure shock, deep regret and thankfulness i can't even explain...it was truly the first time i have comprehended the full capacity that soldiers are willing to give so that i can drive down the street without fear and i can own a business or do anything else i may do - i was and still am moved beyond moved as they pushed this hero out and even though he couldn't hold his head up could drop and hit the puck.....it was indeed life changing i have no words to even communicate how much it has impacted me....

it was a wonderful weekend on so many levels and i am so blessed to have had it....

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