Monday, March 28, 2011

What you say?

So its a normal Monday night here at the Bailey house...a little Two and a Half Men on the tv - jenny mccarthy and charlie sheen come rolling down the stairs fighting next I hear "dat girl said beetch" - I didn't really pay attention and again "dat girl said beetch"
FINALLY it registers.... I said "um did you say BITCH?"
Annie says "yea...dats what da girl on the tv said"
I had to explain that's what big girls say and its not appropriate for a little girl (sadly Annie knows what that means her mommy is sort of a potty mouth)

Just another day at the Baileys - HA!!!!

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Friday, March 25, 2011

LOST TOOTH (literally)

Annie was eating a Reese's Cup and Mom thought she had some chocolate on her tooth and went to clean it and found

the tooth was GONE.....

apparently we had lost her lost tooth....
I won't begin to tell you what the Grannie Nannie did to look for it
Alas, it's never been recovered!

And of course - a lost tooth calls for a celebration!!!
(we have since lost a second tooth that, you guessed it has never been seen)

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Friday, March 18, 2011

I AM SEVEN !?!?!?!?!

Um...the icing is THE best part and not one lick is to be missed!!!

Mmmmm....Pizza is GOOD (i think Rebekah is thinking - you gonna eat all of that?)

I DO love a partay!!!

Please don't make me stop eating for a photo op!!!

Christian thinks pepperoni is best!

That girl DO love her grannie!!!

You want me to wipe ALL of that goodness OFF?!?!?!?!?!

HOLY MOLY - where has the time gone??? I turned around and my baby turned SEVEN!!!
Although there are days when I feel time drags on the next thing I know it's ANOTHER birthday - As most of you know it's been a CRAZY year with LOTS of changes so I decided not to have a big to-doo....We had a PIZZA PARTY at school on Valentine's Day to celebrate Annie's big birthday...(her birthday is Feb 13th)

WOW! the kids went crazy - they were soooo very excited for pizza and cupcakes! Annie had a great time and was thrilled that her Grannie and Mommy came to celebrate with her at school...5 kids went through 2 large pizzas (no i didn't have ONE bite)

Her teachers were fabulous to let us come celebrate at school!!!


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