Monday, December 31, 2007


We had a visitor come stay with us this week - Ginger came all the way from Michigan for a class project of Shaelyn's - Ginger was sent to learn about a different part of the country! She was such a joy to have - She was quiet and cute - we took her to Abby and Reese's house and they all got along so well - we are sad to send her home but we must - here are a few things they did while she was here!

She didn't even wake Annie up!

Ready to ride the roller coaster!

Snack and Crafts

Barbie Jeep Rides!

Playin in the stuffed toys!

Ginger tried on a cute dress and a bow!

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Thursday, December 27, 2007

Monday, December 24, 2007

Super Fun Sunday!

First we went to visit with Emily and Kalie - they live in DC so we don't get to visit often - Emily is one of Annie's Godmothers - We miss them because they are so far but love to see them - Kalie is getting sooooo big!

I don't know how y'all do it - but this is how we roll - our santa shows up in the back of a Southern Chariot - THE PICKUP TRUCK!

Annie telling Santa ALL the things she wants for CHRISTmas!

Some of the girls!

Abby LOVED the hay - she would jump and laugh!

When I told that Reeser to smile she moved the candy cane out of the way and hammed it up! Isn't she just the cutest????

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Friday, December 21, 2007

Holiday House Tour

Come on in!

Welcome to Casa de Bailey!

The fireplace I have only used once (and that's because someone else turned it on at a party - I don't know how but it's pretty!)

A place for all my goodies (and the corner I use to store everything)

Who doesn't like a feather lampshade???

I LOVE a reindeer - and yes this was suppose to be my living room but my furniture didn't fit when it got here so - dining room it is!

So this is where we moved it -

It fit and

it's closer to the kitchen! hehehehe

My cute kitchen the PERFECT size for me - since I am never in it - it's not tooo far to the other side of the house!

The cute little built in - the perfect desk but you can't fit a chair and walk through the hall - hahhahaha!

Annie's Bathroom

Yes - it's a monogrammed shower curtain - I LOVE her monogram
I had narrowed it down to 3 names and had the monograms done - that was the prettiest one! (ask Les - that' s not a joke)

Annie's Room - I would put her school stuff on there but then there would be pin holes in it - I am going to load it up with pictures of her precious priends!

I am going to have to move the bed out if she gets any more toys!

The ONE good thing about an all girl house is that EVERYTHING can be pink and green!

Pantry - you have to be creative when you have limited space!

Momma's bathroom - it's an add on to the back of the house so I have a big closet to but that's too messy to show!

I hope you have enjoyed your tour - Annie's bedroom doubles as the guest room for those of you who want to come visit and if more than one of you comes the couch is the other guest room - and YES my house is always that clean - I am a little overboard but as the gang can attest you never know who or when someone is going to
show up for a visit!



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Wednesday, December 19, 2007

Wedding Wordless Wednesday

My cousin and his cute wife
Shaun and Angela

YES - we are huge Clemson fans!

You know we had to take a picture with that TIGER!!!!

Matt's (the groom) roommate was the Tiger cub at school!

Who doesn't love a man that will dance with with a sweet girl!

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Thursday, December 13, 2007

Thursday Thirteen

Thirteen Reasons Leslie ROCKS!

1. She makes me laugh - she has this quiet personality and is so mild mannered - she has an awesome sense of humor!
2. She tell it like it is - She doesn't do it with everyone - but dude if she gots something to say - she say it!
3. She is married to the boy she met in ELEMENTARY school and they are STILL best friends - they are the brother and sister I never knew I wanted!
4. She is helpful - if I ask her to do something - DONE!
5. She's really good at helping me with work - she is a good bouncer offer - I always call her to ask what I should do!
6. FOOD - she's always down with it - and she invites me to eat at their house everytime she cooks and will make my FAVORITES anytime I ask!
7. She LOVE a party!
8. The older she gets the more social she gets - she used to stay inside her house for days - now she is the cruise director of our gang!
9. She's GENEROUS - it never ceases to amaze me the things she does while she thinks no one it watching...
10.She's patient - well she is getting less patient and THAT is hilarious!
11. She's crafty - I am a little jealous cause she can do ANYTHING - sewing, smocking, baking, cooking, quilting, knitting, bow making, monogramming!
12. She keeps me in check - hehehehehe
13. She LOVES me and sometimes that ain't all that easy to do!

Happy Birthday my darling friend, you will NEVER know how much I love you!
You are BY FAR one of the greatest gifts God has ever given me!!!!

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Monday, December 10, 2007



Poor Kane - he had to come over and blow the backyard - he's such a good sport!

Pretty and functional- Those brats (er - kids) aren't escaping out of THIS yard!
(I kinda wish they could have - heheheheheh) YES - I did make those bows!

Me and My Girl!

The Band marches on!

The Joneses

Abby and that Kane

Girls, Grapes and a Parade

We're READY!

What happened to the sprinkles at the cookie table?

She's Crafty and she's just my type!

The finished project! I LOVE a REINDEER!

Livi Lew and her cute close up!

Some of the lovin'

Lily Kate LOVE a snack!

LeLe's parents came all the way from Illinois to help us celebrate!
Aren't they tooooo cute!

We love a CRAFT - the kids gather round and make such "pretty" things!

That sweet Aunt LeLe drove 2 hours to play with us - she is always such a good friend! I don't think she's missed a party yet!

A party ain't a party without THE REESER!!!!

Just a few of the girls - the rest was busy eatin' and craftin'!

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