Friday, December 21, 2007

Holiday House Tour

Come on in!

Welcome to Casa de Bailey!

The fireplace I have only used once (and that's because someone else turned it on at a party - I don't know how but it's pretty!)

A place for all my goodies (and the corner I use to store everything)

Who doesn't like a feather lampshade???

I LOVE a reindeer - and yes this was suppose to be my living room but my furniture didn't fit when it got here so - dining room it is!

So this is where we moved it -

It fit and

it's closer to the kitchen! hehehehe

My cute kitchen the PERFECT size for me - since I am never in it - it's not tooo far to the other side of the house!

The cute little built in - the perfect desk but you can't fit a chair and walk through the hall - hahhahaha!

Annie's Bathroom

Yes - it's a monogrammed shower curtain - I LOVE her monogram
I had narrowed it down to 3 names and had the monograms done - that was the prettiest one! (ask Les - that' s not a joke)

Annie's Room - I would put her school stuff on there but then there would be pin holes in it - I am going to load it up with pictures of her precious priends!

I am going to have to move the bed out if she gets any more toys!

The ONE good thing about an all girl house is that EVERYTHING can be pink and green!

Pantry - you have to be creative when you have limited space!

Momma's bathroom - it's an add on to the back of the house so I have a big closet to but that's too messy to show!

I hope you have enjoyed your tour - Annie's bedroom doubles as the guest room for those of you who want to come visit and if more than one of you comes the couch is the other guest room - and YES my house is always that clean - I am a little overboard but as the gang can attest you never know who or when someone is going to
show up for a visit!



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jenniedub said...

Merry Christmas! Your house looks so cute! I really like your Santa between the feather lampshades. And yes I am not so lucky anymore. No more pink sheets. Don't think he would sleep on them...but he will sleep on chocolate ones...I will try to slip some pink in there! :) Have a great Christmas!

Mari said...

Your house is really cute! I love Annies monogram and the fact that her name was chosen that way. That's so Dena! Merry Christmas to you all!

FabulousLee Fun Twin Tales said...

Love your adorable house that's always camera-ready! Love you even more....

Terri said...

I love your cute house. So picked up - don't drop by unexpectedly at mine and think it will be clean! Where would you put 3 sisters if they dropped in? Love the doorway with the Christmas cards - I see that you finally got mine!

annie said...

I love it Dena, it's so cute! all of it!
merry christmas!

LeslieW. said...

It is so girlie and soooo great. The perfect place to rest and hang out. An I know that everyone's thinking that it's too clean...But it ALWAYS looks that good!

HomeSchool Mommy said...

Awesome house! Very beautiful!

So, when Michael and I come visit, I'll get to sleep by myself?!?! How exciting! :)

Lindsay said...

ohh..I do love a clean house! It looks awesome!so I guess you will be moving Annies bed out after Christmas? ;-)

Jeffcoat House said...

It is always clean. And who doesn't like pink and green!

The LaBouffs said...

What an adorable house! I love all the fabrics that you've chosen- it's so South Carolina and I miss it! You don't see that southern style here in's more cowboy/tex mex (blah)!

Kimberly said...

Soooooo cute!

Just Another Day In Paradise said...

Merry Merry Christmas to you too!
Your house is darling- I really love the monogramed shower curtain for Annie- what a sweet idea!
I see my card arrived too!
I hope you and Annie have such a special Christmas- it's a privilege to have gotten to know you!

Melissa said...

mmmm. Pink AND Green all under one roof. Cannot go wrong! I am jealous of your cleanliness. I tried to find the disposable sponges at Target and could not. I will have to try wally-world ;)

Jennisa said...

Merry Christmas Dena! Hope you got my Christmas card by now...I didn't see it up on your fun display!

Hope YOU get some fun toys, too, this Christmas!

Laura said...

What a gorgeous home you have Dena!

The Birds Nest said...

Your house looks great, as always. I wish I was able to hang out there more!!!