Tuesday, October 30, 2007

The BIG Trip!

Getting Ready for the big Bon Voyage!

The Contraban Queen! She did get to keep the cokes - you should have seen all the liquor people tried to sneak on - but for 10 bucks a drink - they would have saved a little bank! She was beet red and I laughed SOOO hard!

Lovin' the Coco Loco!

Loco Ladies! Watchin a show!

Night Night ~ Is it ONLY 10 o'clock??? We had to catch up on our beauty rest!

Thank goodness they had ESPN for Thursday Night Football!!!

I LOVE a dirty Island!!!!! We woke up in NASSAU ~ that was a nice turn of events except for the poor boy who fell down the stairs and had to make a medical emergency stop! I don't think Leslie was quite as excited as I was - but I could LIVE there Mon'!

Leslie and Claire - NOT SO MUCH! Two aisle of the straw market and they were ready for the beach!

Beach Bound ~ Headed for the Atlantis

BABES! $55 dollars to lay on the beach???

I know - It's a BEAUTIFUL Beach! It IS Paradise Mon' And it was FREE!
Well we did pay 10 bucks for the chairs


The $10 Coconuts! With unlimited refills - We gots our money worth!
Can you say YELLOWBIRD??


YES - SHE REALLY SMOCKED the ENTIRE cruise! Bingo, Beach, Bar and layin by da pool!

We had a FANTASTIC time on our cruise and are already looking forward to our next one - We laughed so hard our jaws hurt! I have NEVER seen sooo much food be eaten in my life! Breakfast, snack, lunch, snack, dinner and then room service - don't forget the poolside cocktails! We played and LOST at Bingo - saw a show and heard some comedy - watched some football ~ Clemson is back in the TOP 25!!! I must admit the food wasn't great but the company and the cocktails were perfect ~ we really didn't drink that much but you can't beat a frozen drinkie drinkie! I am counting minutes til the next one!!!!

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Lindsay said...

how fun! Y'all got some great pics and great tans. I love a dirty island too ;-)

Melissa said...

ask me how many times I clicked on your blog lookin' for stinkin' pictures!! FINALLY! So happy you had pun! I want to go next time.

annie said...

It looks like so much fun Dena!
I loved all the pictures too!

LeslieW. said...

Would you have picked that I would have been the one to get in trouble!!! I had so much fun and am glad that I got so much smocking done! I wish I had finished the scottie dogs though!

Anonymous said...

im so glad you had fun!

Terri said...

You're all a bunch of trouble makers I think!! Why is it wherever you go, there is some sort of police activity? The island looks beautiful. Cheri and I were in Nassau and St. Thomas and St. John - loved it!! That water is so blue. What's this about $55 to lay on the beach? Is this some inside joke? Glad you had fun. When's the next one?

Darby Stickler said...

Looks like SO much fun! I'm wishing I was beachside with a frozen drinkie drinkie! :) I laughed outloud at your friend smocking on the cruise! Too funny!

Darby Stickler said...

Oh, and what was with the signs about loving the Ecletic Chef?? Is that what it said?

jenniedub said...

Looks like yall had a great time while I was working....so jealous!! :)

Mari said...

I can see that your crazy group had a ball! It doesn't amtter if the island is dirty or the quarters cramped if you're with good friends!!!

Just Another Day In Paradise said...

I'm shocked the food was bad. When we were on ours the food was fantastic! The beach looked beautiful- glad you had fun!

The Birds Nest said...

I wish I had been in the pictures with you!!! It looks like you had so much pun!!! I'm glad you're back, and I can't wait to see you and Annie again this weekend. Here we come Doodybox!!

Laura said...

Wow. It looks like you girls had SOOOO much fun!! I would love to go on a cruise someday. I think next time you better take along us Michigan girls - we could use some sun on our pale skin! :)