Sunday, April 15, 2007

Where are the curtains??? And what smells like cotton candy?

Okay, so most of you know by now that I have started the process to adopt another child - Well I sent in my fingerprints LAST March and didn't hear anything until November ~ It was the Holidays, so with work and parties I had a lot going on and put it on the shelf to pray about it ~ So then I called to find out if they still remembered me. I now have all the dates for the adoption classes and just need to call them to tell them which one I will be attending - still I wasn't feeling the calling yet so I sat...So in the last few weeks it has occurred to me this might be the time ~ I am NOT getting any younger (34 next month) and Annie would benefit with a sibling ~ My main thing is, God forbid something happen to me Annie would be all alone so my thinking is give her family - She has really gotten into Reeser and often refers to her as her sista and of course thinks Abby is the best friend ever (although they fight over toys!) And now she is really into her new friend, Emma, at school - So I am thinking get the calendar out - pick the date - it will still take a year! And NOT to panic - I am adopting OLDER - I want a talking (which I know means sassing) walking, potty trained youngster - A GIRL - of course! The Grannie Nannie and I are still hashing out details but we are on the same page! Which brings me (I KNOW - F I N A L L Y) to the point of my story!

This weekend Leslie and Kane went to a Beth Moore Conference in Columbia and left Abby and Reeser with her mom..
We had TWO birthday parties so ~ On Friday, Annie asked if she could take Abby to the lake with her which is cute because she is a little more than selfish with Grannie/Lake time ...So I said we are going to Will and Ross' birthday parties would you like to take Abby? she said "YEAH" ...So I called MiMi (Leslie's Mom) to make sure that would be okay ~ I figured this would be a great time to test the two water...
I got both of the girls and headed to party #1 - Will Hathaway's second birthday! Annabelle had a little bit of trouble leaving Grannie and had a meltdown but Abby said Bye to MiMi and the Reeser and never looked back! When we got their Abby went ahead with Beth and Jenny while I coaxed Annie to the party and got the present! When we got into the yard Abby had made herself right at home and was kicked back in the Barbie Jeep with Selina trying to figure out how to hit the road! Annie (after a few minute breather) found a car to chase them around ~ there was bouncing and nuggets and tricycles and cake! Abby even told me she had to potty! BIG GIRL (I had put a pullup on Annie b/c I am lazy and was a bit nervous about two potty training children) It was time to go and Annie decided it was time to get in the jumpcastle - well, anyone with children knows it's not soooo easy to get your child out of the jumper ~ I had to bribe her with the horses that were at the next party - but once she figured out that meant going back in the car she was furious!
We get to birthday #2 Ross Newton's Party complete with large real horses (two of them) and another jumpcastle! They were party pros now - they totally made themselves at home and used all of the facilities (although oddly neither were interested in the horses) Sadie was Abby's instant friend (LeeAnne's niece) and I really didn't see her for the rest of the time Sadie fed her, played with her, showed her the horses and everything - I realized I NEED a 10 year old! Annie played and played - THEN - OOPPPS we had an accident - so it was time to change (fortunately I had several changes of clothes and lots of undies and pullups) When we got to the car and changed the girls after FIVE HOURS of car rides, partying and cake they wanted to go home - or my house (Abby says "Abby play at Miss Dena's House") So off we went! What happens next is a mystery - Those girls had a blast - They literally partied so hard they tore the curtains down! They played, laughed, jumped on beds, couches and chairs, used the bathroom NUMEROUS times, brushed their teeth, watched Elmo's Potty soooo many times I wanted to break it! After Abby had gone home with her parents and Annie went to the lake with Grannie, I was exhausted and my house was trashed - they even partied UNDER the bed! I called my friend Virginia, who has twins and Sugar who may as well have triplets and told them God has a special place in his heart and his house for them!

So after ONE day of TWO children I realized it's like running a marathon - I think I need some training because 26 miles is like THE REST OF MY LIFE!!! I am getting my calendar out to pick the dates!!!! PRAY FOR US!

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LeslieW. said...

What A fun day! Thanks so much for taking Abby along with know she love a party! We are so glad to have you in our family. What could be better!