Monday, April 09, 2007


Okay ~ So Annie and Abby are "potty training" together after the egg hunt we went home for a day of big girl panties! Seeing your children in BIG girl paties is just about the CUTEST thing ever!!!! Annie chose her Dora panties and then didn't want to wear pants since she was such a big girl - We went to dinner with the Wrights (much like we do 4 nights a week - the girls and parents are best friends so it's just MORE fun with a crowd!) AS soon as we got out of the car Abby said " ANNIE I DOO DOOED IN THE POTTY!!!" We were all sooo excited - After dinner it was off to the Wrights for some playtime - Abby of course wanted to show off her panties - Annie tried to show hers too but she had pants on! hehehehe---So they jum jump jumped and we I think Annie tooted so Abby looked in her pants and said Annie STINKY - Les and I laughed too too hard!!!


Abby and Reese said...

Yet another fun thing we get to do together! I was so excited to share the good news with you and show off my monkey panties!

Emily & Kalie said...

Annie...the best thing in the world is to do things with your friends. I bet you and Abby will be potty trained in no time!!! Then you can come visit and help me convince Kalie that the potty is not just for flushing.
Love you !!