Sunday, April 29, 2007

Where did you go Mr. Haynes?

I have been in my cottage (that's southern for tiny house) four years in July - When I bought it the yard man came with it (well he showed up at my house one day and said he had done the yard for Melissa) It was a great yard so I figured why not and he was CHEAP - Well as Leslie would say "You get what you pay for!" I should have been tipped off when I asked him to plant some flowers for me and he planted them in the pots and covered them with pine straw or when he painted my flower boxes for me and got paint on the house or when he cuts the yard with a weed wacker OR four years later when that same pile of leaves that I have been begging him to move is STILL there - He shows up at his own time no rhyme or reason - 8 AM or PM - when I NEVER have cash - but he's sooo nice! So this week he appeared and I said - "I am sooo over these azaleas - it's time to get this yard back in shape - let's get this going"
So he of course says "No problem" Well, I went to take a shower - and THIS is what I come back to - the funny thing is - he's not been back and I don't know what to do! My mom says "you really didn't plan this through did you?" I said "WHEN has he ever done what I asked when I asked?" THIS TIME!!!!!
So here sits my cottage - sweet little place on the same street as the busiest playground in town - the street all my friends ride down - And we all know I am going to sit and wait for John T to come back and finish up whenever that is!
Did I mention he only did ONE side of the house????
HAHAHAHAHA- I guess Leslie is right!


LeslieW. said...

Hehehe! I did LOL on this one. I think its particualarly funny because you are so meticulous with the inside! In time, I'm sure he'll be back. Be sure to stash some cash just in case!

Anonymous said...

At least everyone will be able to see how pretty your new window boxes are. HeHeHe!

FabulousLee Fun Twin Tales said...

Would you like to have some of our old, scrawny & leggy azaleas? I'll be hacking ours back this Friday. Let me know if you're interested....and please don't send your yard guy over!