Monday, April 30, 2007

Lake Lake Lake!

What a fun weekend - Aunt Terry and Uncle David spent the night Friday night and Saturday morning the Gals - Aunt Terry, Grannie, Mommy and Annie all headed out to Sumter for a trip to Lowe's - Aunt Terry wanted pink hydrangeas and I NEEDED window boxes! After a side track stop at Silver Papers (EVERYONE knows my car actually gravitates toward stores filled with paper)we got what we came for but I had been tooo much of a lookie loo and wasn't going to get back to The Ville for Lily's Birthday so I called Les to give my apologies! So then we shopped Sumter - if you ever get the chance it's a cool little place - Lil Darlin's (My new favorite children's clothing store) was filled with MUST HAVES!!! I had been looking for this particular dress with Octopi with pink bows in their "hair" and they had it along with several others! And Doolallies (another paper place) was cute too! it was a fun day - I don't get to shop that much but I love to see what other stores have!!!
We heard the party was a blast and the picture on Leslie's blog is sooo cute!

We did get some work done! Annie sat for a while and helped me pick out new lines to pick up at the national stationery show in May!!! She has a good eye!


Abby and Reese said...

You finally have a store all to yourself! How sounds sooo cool. We can't wait to see your loot.

Anonymous said...

You better call me to go shopping next time you are going to be so close to me. You know I love to look for fun new stuff! It's time for you to make a trip to Cola town to look for goodies! Hope to shop soon, Aunt Lele