Thursday, October 04, 2012

FIGHT like a GIRL!

october is breast cancer awareness month
and we had a party yesterday to celebrate....

after numerous doctors visits
one week we went everyday - double appts some days
(it felt like we lived there)

TWO lumpectomies.....

2 quick, easy recoveries with no pain meds
she was up the next day after both surgeries

we thought it would be fun

definitely a very party worthy day..

to hang some signs in the windows

 annie loves a party - she was happy to help!

Picasso you ask?

 she had that sweet toothless grin all day
getting things ready...

 what party would be complete without a cake??
publix chocolate with buttercream frosting
(it should have been pink)

3 weeks, 16 treatments, 1 bell ringing, a certificate 
and she's DONE with radiation...
Diana 1 - Cancer 0
she fought like a girl and kicked some ass!

Go Grannie Go!

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Mari said...

Yay for Granny!