Tuesday, January 03, 2012

A change will do you good...

Well, another year is gone and with it went my eyebrows...one of my "resolutions" this year was/is going to be taking "better" care of myself - exercise, flat iron, learn how to put make up on and making sure my brows are waxed and highlights did...

MAYBE i should have waited a day or 2 - we were heading to Charlotte to celebrate NYE with Jen and Shane...I didn't want pictures to look bad so off i went
Super Cuts is anything but SUPER
and you get what you pay for - ladies and gents THIS is what $8 eyebrows look like!
(yes I was SURPRISED at how they looked but that's my new expression until these grow out in say....3 MONTHS)

Loving words of encouragement from friends and family
Mike "oh no did i scare you?"
Jen "they don't look that bad - well, at least the right one doesn't"
Shane "it's NYE not a surprise party"
Mom "you look so different - not bad just different - sort of like if i shaved my head"

SO needless to say i am going to reevaluate my resolutions and get back to you plus i never start on the 1st it sets up failure...

Happy New Year!

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Anonymous said...

You should try Signori Mani!!! It is by Oscars.

Mari said...

:) Nice comments!
Thanks for the laughs.