Thursday, December 29, 2011

Peace on Earth???

I'm having a hard enough time with good will toward men!!!

I think most of my "disgust" comes from retail/facebook - I have a darling bloggie/adoptive/facebook friend who's heart is breaking because it's taking so long for her FOUR babies to come home from Ethiopia at the same time i have a customer calling every few hours for a tracking # for her monogrammed car mats - SERIOUSLY?!?!?!
Has everyone gone crazy for the "what we have" and lost the "who we are"?

I am also having a BIT of a time with "treat others as you would want to be treated"
at what point do you say enough is enough of the beating and bullying??
(figuratively - i'm not actually getting beaten)

I read something on a friend's facebook page (yes, these days it's where i get most of my wisdom) about having lots of leaves and branches on your tree that have fallen off and disappoined you so it's best to stick with your roots that are your true support system.
(is it sooo sad that it's a Madea's advice from you tube - hahahaha)

And even though it really came from Tyler Perry dressed as a grandma it still rings true
and that's what i am going to do - prune my tree to the roots and focus on keeping them nurtured - more is not more if it's crap - less is always more when it's supportive, nurturing and those who love YOU and rid yourself of the rest..

as for peace on Earth - sadly it's never going to happen until it happens...

I could rant and rave about things but i have realized (through a few ups and downs) as i am sitting in the stillness - God has made this path for me and I am just going to meander
and see what happens....cause so far so good!

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Mari said...

When you read something like this it's pretty apparent that our country is focused on the wrong things, and we're pretty spoiled too!
I like the advice you shared - even though it's from Madea!

SoftballAng said...

You have to do what's right for you! Screw everyone else! If you're focused on the positive, counting your blessings and doing what you need to do, then that's all you can do! :) I've learned a long time ago it's not about the WHAT you have in your life but the WHO (and no, I don't mean the rock band). Surround yourself with loving and positive and funny people and that's what you'll have in your life. :)