Friday, December 16, 2011

I SWEAR I am not old enough to....

have graduated from high school TWENTY YEARS AGO!!!! but all these people and damn name tags say i did....REALLY?!?!?! it seems like yesterday i was in high school ok not really but my mirror says there's NO way I'm almost 40!! I had the pleasure (there is some sarcasm and humility in that statement) of planning the reunion - it was wonderful to go through the process - i have become friends with people i haven't seen in years or may not have "known" in high school (there were 800 of us in my class so it's possible) I am amazed by people and where the many roads of life have taken us - we have lost some classmates who were far too young - they were missed and remembered...we had someone fly in from CHINA (yes i'm saying i am a kick ass party planner) EVERYONE looked great (a few so good i now hate them) but it was a BLAST! Friday night was an oyster roast at Miler Country Club ~ they were great to work with and even said we could come back again...hahahahhaha
Me and my cutie Mike! He's the BEST date and party co-planner
Me, Dyana and Sheriess (i was jumping in as many pictures as possible ~ i made a sport of it)
ahhh - me and my girl jen ~ LOVE HER - HOLLER
Dyana and I - she swears she graduated with us - i keep telling her being ONE grade older does not make her old and she did make me look purdy!
because a party ain't a party without a lame line dance!
We had a picnic Saturday morning - I wore our "Seniors" T-shirt ~ Jen had saved it all these years it said "enough said" on the back - gaw were we silly! Saturday Night was at the boat club - the weather was gorgeous and dyana turned it into the perfect setting for a party!
with a blackberry in one hand and a drink in the other i could rule the world or at least a large part of it!!!
MY senior prom date and his gorgeous wife!
Shawn my FFFF ~ for those out of the loop that's FUNKY FRESH FRIENDS FOREVER
Me, David (he tried to get in more pictures than me and lost) Emily (my maid of honor and God Mother to Annabelle) and of course Mike!!
I must say a BIG ASS THANK YOU TO.... Amy Her photography is amazing Dyana - she did my hair and make up and of course MIKE he kept me as calm as i could be, put tablecloths and candles on tables and cleaned up afterwards...seriously love him!!

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Mari said...

What a night! I know how much work you put into it. Glad it went well. You look great and I'm so impressed you can fit into your senior shirt. :)