Sunday, December 25, 2011

We wish you a MERRY CHRISTMAS????

Seriously!?!?!? Didn't I just say that LAST week? How can another year possibly have come and gone?!?!? BUT it has and we had a wild wacky wonderful CHRISTmas filled with lots of fun and amazing blessings!! we started at Steph's house for a CHRISTmas Eve, food and yes, of course fun!
Mike is of course my best Christmas gift of all times!
The Josh and I - I love that kid to the moon and back and may be the only soul on the planet that loves college football more than me (if that's even possible)!
Mike and Tobie - no he's not a Christmas gift - he belongs to Stephanie and Josh - the only thing he wanted for Christmas was receipts and beer (yes, he likes the hooch)
Mike's sister Stephanie and I...She's a great sport ~ she puts up with the 3 of us and smiles all the while - and anyone that has Josh as a son and Mike as a brother has got to be pretty damn funny so of course i love her!
Oh how excited are we...Josh is CRAZY about hockey and lookie what he has - tickets to see the Carolina Hurricanes (he's a caniac) so look out raleigh cause we're coming soon!
I really don't think this needs much explanation...coozie "Beer Belly Under Construction" HAHAHAHAHAHAHA!! Early the next morning we head to the lake for CHRISTmas....Look at that face!
GrandDennis got her a Cranky Monkey - he screams and cries when you take his banana (i think he's making fun of her little tantrums)but dang if she ain't cute!
COOKIE ~ COOKIE ~ COOKIE - that is ALL this child has been asking for - she heard him in Walmart wimpering and said "cookie is crying because he wants to come home with me" so that's what he did!! and does she love him!!!
you can nevah have too many pictures...
Oh MY - who knew a Grannie Pad would score such high marks!! Grannie LOVED it and now wants "grannie business cards" hahahaha...yes, she'll get them!
a blackberry just like mommie's - she also got a leap pad "lap top" so she can work with me from home she'll be oh so cute!
That girl LOVES a baby doll and because she has every sickness you have - bad cough, broken knee, her foot hurts and she has a headache - she got the baby alive doctor doll so we'll have all the tools needed to make her better!
Family Christmas at the yake ;)
Me and Grannie
Merry Christmas!!
from all my girls!!! we are looking forward to a HAPPY, HEALTHY NEW YEAR!!!

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Cheri said...

Love your pictures. Looks like you had a great celebration! Happy New Year!!