Saturday, January 28, 2012

the obsession continues

I am not quite sure where this obsession has come from but this child LOVE LOVE LOVES her some puppies!! She has tiny ones, medium size ones and one life size one..
they ALL have names and i have no idea how she remembers all the names - she can tell you which one is in her hand by touching it (for those of you just joining us - she's visually impaired)
There's cookie, georgia, devon, sparky, snow puppy, goldie, lovie and i have no idea how many more - this is leading to her wanting a REAL dog again - but at this moment we have NO interest in a dog unless it can walk and feed itself - hahahaha

so if you don't hear from me soon - i've been buried alive in a sea of puppies by the hoarder!!!

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Mari said...

That is so cute! Annie is a smartypants!

Terri said...

Wow - impressive. Smart - just like her Mom! You can come visit your families to the north and she can play with our dogs!