Wednesday, May 23, 2012

Mother's Day Weekend

What a wonderful way to kick off Mother's Day weekend ~ showering my big sis becoming a mommy!! seriously look at her...I can't even squeeze into her precious dress and i'm not preggo! She literally looks like she swallowed a basketball - it is the best baby belly of all times! I am so looking forward to the arrival of
Baby Cobb! the shower was gorgeous!

I swear Annie has the BEST teachers ever - look at my Mother's Day gift!!! It's a stone for your garden - there's no way it's going's on the tv stand - LOVE IT! homemade gifts are the GREATEST!

Mother's Day lunch - Mike took Mom, Annie and I out for lunch at DIG in the Park - one of the cute restaurants we frequent...Annie LOVES sitting outside and for some reason thinks they make the best quesadillas! it was such a beautiful day to sit outside with grannie and priss and mike!!

Yes - i know i am a LITTLE behind ;)

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Mari said...

Cute, cute pics! Love the gift from Annie and sounds like your Mothers Day was perfect!