Friday, May 04, 2012

Date Day!

Annie started walking around with her doll babies and puppies saying she was going on "date" and she'd be back...sweet thing - mike and i try to be good about date nights and we'd have to explain to her why she couldn't go sooooo I've started doing "dates" with Annie - with school and working from home and all the other stuff I have been pretty lax about making sure Annie and I still do fun stuff...I feel like we used to live at the children's museum and playground...
It was Annie's choice and she wanted to go to the grocery store place so early out Wednesday and away we went!

My Artist...she's a natural!

Clearly she gets it from her mother...hahahaha

Now that's a whole lotta fun - maybe she'll get into golf - i can send her to be Mike's caddy!

that's my kinda paint - water - no stains

how far will that golf ball fly??

arts and crafts

now THAT is a caYute face!!

water water water...boat races!

pure joy and happiness....$7 and a 20 minute car ride


loading the buggy full!

sweet worth the 3 hours in the museum!

ended our date at DIG in the Park...I had the cutest date there!

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Mari said...

Such cute pictures! I love the smiles. :)

Donna said...

Awwww! How precious! She looks like she really enjoyed her special date! Austin and Logan would like to come next time too! They love their children's museum..and they never, ever run off or anything like that! Lol. Great to have you blogging more these days! And dear lord innheaven, can I please come to a shower if you ever throw one? Your pinterts ideas are killin me! :)

Tommy, Erica, Addie Kate, and Andrew said...

I am so happy to see Annie's sweet face back on here! Good gracious she is growing up!