Tuesday, April 17, 2012

what could i do with 2 hours??

LAUNDRY - i forget about it and poor mike ends up doing it

empty my pool bag from this weekend

um - search for matching dresses for theresa guinevere and roberta

stich witch some curtains for the office


decided that one of my favorite things on pinterest are all of the really awesome quotes and since i have a vinyl machine why not put my all time FAVORITE bible verse up so i can see it everyday
"it is God who arms me with strength and makes my way perfect" Psalms 18:32
ahhhhhhh - so i begin well it was too long - no huge deal (i measured 3 times) - it started sagging a little in the middle and by the time i got to PERFECT it was crooked
i am a huge perfectionist and thought "REALLY PERFECT" and saggy - i see the symbolism in the fact that i am indeed not perfect but it was too much for my ocd heart to take...

so I begin to peel it off...UGH - it's taking some of the paint too??
WHY WHY WHY??? i think you can see the word strength

So i bust out the paint AGAIN for a quick touch up

lock myself out of the bathroom when the ladder fell in front of the door

and finally as good as new....i would have not even gotten busted except the paint was still out so i had to tell mike who said " why didn't you just get the laser level out?" um why didn't i think of that???



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Mari said...

I wouldn't have thought of using the laser level either. That's a guy thing!

julie said...

Definitely a guy thing!!! Good luck lady! I feel your pain and love being "taught" things like this myself.

Terri said...

yup - a guy thing. love that verse- by the way