Wednesday, April 11, 2012


As most of you know ~ the festival is usually my FAVORITE weekend of the year! I guess it's from years of watching the festival setting up - the port o lets going up are a sure sign of the week ahead!! Living in town for so many years made it so awesome to be there and just a quick walk to all the fun ;) this is the first year i have gone since moving and it's crazy what a difference 2 years and 15 miles makes...
i don't remember going and not seeing many people i didn't know BUT Annabelle didn't seem to mind one bit! The girl LOVES the rides and kept saying "i'm gonna ride the train with my granddennis and the carousel with mommy" WOO HOO
let's just say...grand dennis let me go on the train ride AND annie and i hit the carousel at least 5 times....I wanted to hand the ticket taker a sheet of tickets and just stay on but nooooo so off and back on we went but she had a BLAST!!

Round and round and round and ROUND we go....again!!!

TRAIN....that little engine could - it went FAST and could do a complete circle! and yes we went TWICE!!

I would say dunta lunt dunta lunt dunta lunt lunt lunt..and she would LAUGH so hard I thought she was going to fall off of the horse!!

Grannie was on the side of the carousel - yelling out to annie everytime the train went by....hahahaha

I am sad that the magic of the festival has died - maybe next year but i certainly had a wonderful time watching annabelle

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Mari said...

What fun! She is sure looking old lately!

Cheri said...

That Mari stole my comment :)
I was going to say how old she's looking too.

julie said...

Oh man ... the sparkle is GONE?! It'll come back... I kind of felt that way for a while - but now that I can't be there - I miss it more.